Saturday Girl

Oh. my.  God. it was like, so scary? It was like I'd never seen anything like that before, you know, like this woman? She just fell down at the checkout right in front of me when I was scanning her tin of peas and I wasn't really looking at her even or nothing?

And then I kind of looked?

And she wasn't there no more and I thought maybe she'd forgot something like the milk or whatever?  And the bloke in the queue behind her was like looking at the ground and he was going oh my God and then he looked at me and he said oh my God call an ambulance what are you just sitting there for?

And that was like, so rude?

Because I didn't like even have my mobile on me nor nothing?

Like we're not even like allowed to have them with us we have to leave them in the staff room?

Anyway, I said to him that's so rude, I can't call an ambulance there's no need for you to like have a go at me and that's when Mr Aston came over and he's like the manager?

And he got on his radio and said First Aider to checkout four please and Sharon came over and bent down over the poor old biddy and she like looked up at me and said has anyone called an ambulance but I said to her like how am I meant to do that, and the other people in the queue were starting to get the right hump?

Anyway, then a lady who had just like finished packing her stuff and paying at checkout three walked past and looked at the old lady on the floor and poked round her neck and pulled out a mobile, it was well blingy, a new Samsung I think and she said oh my god there's no signal?


The lady, like died?

It was well good.

The End

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