It Wasn't Like That

It wasn't like that.. I should never have answered the phone!

No, youre not listening.  NO! It wasn't like that. What do you think is going to happen to me now? Did you consider this may be the last straw? NO because it wasn't like that and you didn't listen, because you never do, because that is how it is. You claim to care b-

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! you CLAIM to care but I know you don't.  I know that in my heart, and if I ever needed proof, what you just did has engrained that proof on my heart.

The truth is, you feel bad about what you did to me, you can't admit it. You will always deny what you did wrong, and you know it was wrong, because what you did today proves that.

I'm here alone, alone because you beat me and pushed me out and disowned me. Alone because I never thought I ever deserved any better, and now alone because you took away the only person who ever showed me any love. And why? Because of an accident? Are you jealous? Are you all alone now and you want your daughter back? Well you can want, but want in vain, because I'm nobodies daughter any more.

tears then, from my side, from the other end of the line, nothing.

The End

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