Beddin' Down Time

"Look young 'uns, it's time ya'll be thinkin' about beddin' down for the night.  Get up 'em stairs, strip outta dem der britches, and give youseffs a good scrubbin ...'dya hear?  I be gettin' up and spin ya'll a yarn in a bit."

("Papa, we'uns is done.")

"All rightcha'.  I's comin.  Now what story d'ya want to be listening to."

("Oh, Papa.  Tell us the one 'bout the squirrel hunt.")

"Well, if that's yer likin.  When I wuz you'ins age, my pappy and me would like to go hunting squeerls.  They wuz bigguh back then, 'bout the size of a well-fed cat."

("Really, Papa.  You're not joshin' us?")

"No, chillun, they wuz big, big and mean.  Well, we take Old Blue, you know Bubba's great-grandaddy, the best huntin' blue tick hound this parts ever had seen way back then and even now.  that dog could track a chipmunk through a field of skunks.  Well, anyways ... this one night, it was kinda cold that night, with big ol' harvest moon hangin  so low that it had gotten itself tangled in the some tall pine trees."

("Aw, Paw, ya musta be fibbin'.")

"No, Bubba.  It was jus' that dang low that night.  Well, anyways... Old Blue takes offa runnin'.  He's a-baying away, lettin' us know thats he's caught that squeerl's scent.  He's a runnin', nd he's a barkin,' and me and your granddaddy, we's a runnin' with all we got to keep up with dang fool dog.  All of a sudden ... we'uns hear this gawd awful yelp and then we hear nuttin' 'ceptin' this sound of breakin' wood."

("What happen, Pappy.")

"Well, we finally got ourselves near, we came upon a whole herd a squeerls, sittin' around a fire, readyin' Old Blue to be roasted like some here hog."

("Well, what'ya do?")

"Well, your Granddaddy and me, we got to makin' sould like we'uns were nuts and those stupid squeerls took after us and Old Blue done got a chance to get his hindquarters a movin' and hauled his tail and the rest of hisself on outta there."

("Is that true, Paw?")

"Sho' enuff is.  That;s why you'un's ma keeps callin' me, "Nuts".  For that very reasun.  Now you shush ya'lls talking, shut dem eyes, and get to dreamin' that no big ol' sqeerls come lookin' for yuz."




The End

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