Social Niceties

Dahling!  Mwah. Mwah.

I haven't seen you since... ooh, when was it?  That's right, at the Henley-Carters' last year, wasn't it?

And how is dear little Imogen?

Really?  She's not, is she?  Is she? Oh, how marvellous!  And the boy?

Oh.  I'm sorry, I don't know the name, is he related to the Berkshire Reynoldses?  Or perhaps the Sussex Reynoldses?  No? I thought perhaps...  Which school did he go to?

Ah.  No, I don't seem to---  No, sorry, haven't heard of that one, either.  Oh, it's a State school?  How bourgeois!  Perhaps a good University, then?  Oxford, or Camb--- Oh, a Polytechnic. I see.  And what does he doooo?  Is he in banking, perhaps?  Law?  No, I suppose not, if he didn't go to a Univ----.  Oh, a footballer!  In the Premier League?

Oh, my dear, whyever didn't you say so?  Your Imogen.  A WAG!  Why, dahling,  that's practically royalty!

The End

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