An exasperated agent

This sort o' thing requires considerable effort.  Capeesh?  I know you get it.  You know I get it.    We've been through it before.  Look at me.  No.  Look at me.  Right here.  That's right.  I don't know what to tell you anymore.  Listen, I'm no quitter.  I've told you before, you got promise.  Tons of promise.  But, this is absolute s*it.  With a capital S. 

I don't what it is.  Don't know what's happenned.  Hand me that lighter.  Yeah, hold on,

Remember when you came in here?   Yeah, yeah.  Yeah?  Yeah.  I do too.   

Hold on a second.  Just..lemme see?  Why would a telemarketer want to call here?  Love those display screens.  Lov'em!  Can't talk to them people, ya know?  Just want to ram the phone down their arse.

Yeah, kid, when you came here you were full of zing.  You were freshly printed cash.  Now, I can't trade you for a box of friggen candles.  What am I gonna do with you?  Nuthin', cuz | can't.  What are you gonna do with you?  Hey?  What are you going to do with you.  You sleepin all right?  Promise me you're not into the ice, are ya?  Might as well stab a knife in both our hearts if that'sthe case.

Lookit, kid, you gotta do somethin',  I'm goin' home to a bottle of  Glennfiddich.  You're goin' home to bed and you're gonna fix it.  Yeah?  Yeah?  Look at me?  Yes? 

Get outta here.

The End

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