A well meaning taxi fare

A doctor?  I knew it.  I just knew it.  Makes me sick, you know?  And now you're driving cab.  Let me guess, to practice medicine here you need to go back to school and that costs thousands of dollars.  I feel sorry for you guys.  I always ask cab drivers, and I don't even know how to say it, because it just comes out rude, ya know? 

But, well, I'll just say it, because you know where I'm comin from, ok, well, your accent, its obvious you're not from here and no one just comes here to drive a cab.  It's sickenning, it really is.  It's not like the human body is any different in Africa, is it?  I'm sorry, I never asked what country you're from.  I hate doing that.  I feel rude for just lumping everyone into one continent.  Feel like a redneck, you know?  And I'm sure you get enough racist people.  Sometimes I feel guilty for being white, the way some of us idiots behave.  

And you know the worst part?  I'm sure I could probably go to where you're from and get whatever job I wanted, just because I'm "white".  Crazy, isn't it?  Imean, I probably make more money than you and I haven't even finished college.  And you're far more educated than I am.  I mean, you're a doctor!  That's quite an accomplishment.  Harsh.  I'd be mad as hell.   This whole thing is ticking me off, and I'm not even you.  Must be discouraging, . 

And then you get people here just assuming you've lived in a grass hut all your life.  Stereotypes, they are.  They don't know about the civil wars and the AIDs and all of the violence.  I mean, I couldn't have lived there.  Sounds dreadful.

But at least  you have a family to take care of back home, I'm sure,  and its hard enough just to support yourself in this city, isn't it?  

Hey man, this is my stop.  Good luck, huh?  No, no, keep it.  Honeslty, man, wish I could do more. 

The End

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