Larry's Angry Wife

Why the devil'd I marry that son of a fool, ain't like he never gave a damn whether I's here er not. S'like I be talkin' to m'self half the time I'm tryin' to say somthin' to him. Don't matter if it IS serious like when the boy had them lice an' I tried to tell my damn husban' to keep away from the hats cause the idiot boy went 'round tryin' em all on, b'fore he figured out it was them bugs in his head that was makin' him itch like hell. And Larry acted like he couldn't hear a word I's sayin' and he went on 'bout his business puttin' his hat on an' goin' to work. Came home scratchin' his head like a 'rangutang an' didn't hardly know nuthin' was wrong. 

S'times I think he b'longs in a mental institute, but I don't say nuthin cause he couldn't be makin' us no money up in there. And I got a damn nuff to do m'self without haftin' to get m' own job -- already takin' care a six kids an' fo' dogs, and half the neighborhood's kids too dammit. Let the Good Lord take me away a'ready. That'd teach ol' Larry to be a useless sack of weight an' dirty laundry.

The End

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