Monologues and Soliloquies

pick a voice and start talkin'

Why doncher put down that danged corn whiskey fore ya start causin more trouble.  That boy aint be comin back no more, I can tell you that much.  Lord Jesus, puttin the fear in him like that.  Ain't nothin funny about it.  I be cleanin the Reverends house tomorrow and gonna have to not look that good man in the eye affer he hears about the goins on here.

That cursen you gave him ain't fit for nobody, specially a young'un like that poor boy.  He done and did nothin' at all to you and you start carryin on the fool.

I don't even know who I married, sure as on God's Green Earth wasn't the devil I been seein around here.  No sense in even talkin about it, not with the way you be lookin off in the field like that.  Can't even keep yer danged fool head straight.   Gonna letch you sleep out here tonight on the veranda in hopes it should rain.  Let the Good Lord straighten you up.  And I'm not even sure if He's too interested neither.

The End

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