Pocket money :)

Pocket money is one of the most important things I value in my teen life. It controls what I eat for lunch, what drinks I have, what technology I'm using.... Ultimately, it's my best friend. I know, parents always say "Control money, don't let it control you." I used to think its just another thing my parent said to ignore, but with my years of life I have learnt my lesson.

The reason that I like money (I'm very shallow, I assure you) is because I know what damage it can do, I also know what good it could do. Money is just a tool, a thing to use to enhance your life.  Money is like a knife, a gun, or weaponry of any kind, it can be turned against you, it also has a huge potential to destroy, but also to save. What I’m saying is, as important as money is, don’t let it control you.

Since we have no income, we rely on the money our parents or guardian gives us. I personally think it is very important not to abuse the right of having pocket money, because our parent can take it away as easy as they give it to us. Having pocket money opens a lot of roads and paths (metaphorically), for example if you want a break from the normal school lunch, you can buy Pizza the night before and microwave it in school. With our school's terrible food, I am sure a change of taste would be nice. 

Pocket money is just like real money, there's no difference, so as long as you spend it carefully, I'm sure you can save a lot. 

The End

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