Importance of Money

It will be all about Money Budgeting. Not spoiling anything :) <

The Importance of money:

Money is very important in life. It is so important that without it we would have a very low survival rate in an urban city. Everything needs money, buying food, buying drinks, going to the movies most importantly, the place we live in needs money! Without financial ability, one would certainly be unable to live in a city. It is sort of like a vicious cycle, one must need money to buy clothes and look good for an interview. But without money, how could you go to an interview. But without a job, there is no money! So with no money, you have no job.

Since money is so important, the knowledge of saving money and control is an absolute vital must-have skill. Without that, even a millionaire would become a beggar. But with the skill, a beggar could turn into a millionaire. At this time I feel obligated to quote Bill Gates "Its not your fault if you are born poor, but it is yours if you die poor" (its something like that ;) )

The End

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