Miraculous Tumble(weed)s

This event happened about 4 years ago, in the winters. (See, this is why I write the date - I keep forgetting. At least now I have something to look on to.)

I suppose I should start off with an exposition.

My grandmother from my mum's side, whom we called 'Nano' (The 'a' being pronounced the way the dentist tells you to go "Ahhhhhh" when he wants to check for cavities), has a huge backgarden. I couldn't possibly tell you how big it is, as I really suck at measurements, but I think maybe around 20 average-car lengths by 6 average car-lengths. I'm not sure, I'll update when I know differently.

My late grandfather used to take us to the park a lot, and soon he decided to make the back garden (which was always fairly straggly) our playground, and installed a metal swing-set (which consisted of a single swing, a back-to-back swing and a bar to hang from) and 7-to-10 foot high slide. 

We loved it all, but we all expressed particular interest in the slide - mainly, in running up the slide from the front side.

Yes, it's dangerous, and yes, it's stupid, but we did it. There was a good 50 feet distance between the wall and the bottom of the slide, so we could easily build up speed and momentum. We occasionally risked doing it while wearing only socks, but that usually failed, because we'd slip.

A lot of our games consisted of running up the front of the slide, usually because the slide was a great secret headquarters and tower to save ourselves from lava.

One day, when Mary, Kylie and I went to the back garden, we decided to make a play on Pokemon (we adored Pokemon at the time) and Kylie took on Misty, while I took on May and Mary took on Daisy (Misty's older sister with very pretty blonde hair, which was probably why Mary liked her).

The universal enemies in Pokemon, Team Rocket, were coming after us (bear with me here, it's all imagination), and we were running frantically to where we'd have a height advantage. 

"Hurry, May!" Kylie/Misty cried, rushing to The Spot where we'd run up the slide. I followed after her.

"Hurry up, guys!" I yelled, and I began running. We were all very practiced in this, and I easily bounded up half-way, footing steady. I turned towards Mary/Daisy and Kylie/Misty and yelled something along the lines of, "Come on, hurry!" before turning back, and...

... I slipped.

Later, Mary would describe it as my foot "stepping on mid air", but all I knew at that moment is that my stomach swooped, I closed my eyes, and I fell.

Of course, falls end hastily, and suddenly my face was hurting and my body was feeling like someone had crushed it. I think I blacked out momentarily, because suddenly Kylie and Mary were shaking me and yelling at me, terrified.

I began crying, because my head was just really, really hurt. I might've blacked out again, or maybe I don't remember, but then my older sister Amelia was getting me to sit up, and all I could do was hold my throbbing nose. Why had I fallen face-first?

I remember Amelia and Mary helping me up, and Kylie frantically relating the story to Amelia, Mary butting in occasionally. I was just crying and walking up to the screen door so I could get inside and lie down.

They set me upon the guest room bed, where we staying, and Amelia went to go and call my grandmother after handing me a tissue in case I had a nosebleed. 

Frankly, I thought I must've broken my nose, because I had fallen a good double of my height, at least. And face-first as well. I clutched the tissue to my nose, lying down straight, because I was feeling quite dizzy as well.

Amelia and my grandmother came back. Nano was, and always has been, very positive on the outlooks of bleak experiences, and she examined me and proclaimed me fine. I was very doubtful of this, but I just nodded and agreed, and yes, it hurt less than before, and yes, I was quite all right.

Amelia took the tissue away from my nose, and it was only slightly matted with blood. 

"Do I look weird?" I asked her mournfully. 

She squinted at me. "You look like you just cried a lot."

"No," I huffed, "I mean my nose. Did I break it?"

Amelia blinked. She looked surprised. "No. I think you just bruised it."

"Are you sure?" I said, doubtful.


Turned out, I had a small bruise, but that's all. It was utterly surprising and yes, I was awfully greatful. I mean, I didn't want my nose to be disfigured. I liked my nose. (Even if it is a little big, I wouldn't really want to change it.)

I didn't run up the slide for a while after that, needless to say.

(I just waited a year before doing it again. I still do it. Some things, you just cannot learn.)

The End

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