The Last Letter

I couldn't give you the date for this day; I have no clue when it happened. It might've been 2009, or 2008. Maybe - I think it was - 2007. But I have no memories of the date. I only remember two things.

1. We had just received our very first keyboard.

And 2. It was the last day I ever talked properly with one of my closest friends.

See, the aforementioned one of my dearest friends lived abroad, in England. We hadn't seen each other for about a year, I think? but we kept in touch through emails. I hadn't much an idea of how they worked, because my father made me type out my emails on Microsoft Word, then sent them himself.

The keyboard had just arrived at our house - shiny, plastic silver and grey, with a glorious many buttons which made me wishful to press all of them. I was (if it was, in fact, 2007) only 7 or 8.

I had been in the middle of writing my email to the friend, when I had heard the shrieks of both my sisters about the keyboard, so I had rushed out to investigate. But now, I felt the need to finish my email. I decided to finish it hastily.
I went back to the computer reluctantly, and began slowly tapping words in. I remember the cursor blinking when I would stop and listen to the messy notes being eked out by my sisters. But they were so amazing.

I kept typing in the letter.

Suddenly, an upbeat tune, which began with a "whzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ!"  noise, began playing outside. I froze in shock.
Then laughed in delight, and skidded out of my chair, running outside where my sisters were now bopping to the catchy beat. I squealed in delight, and began dancing with them, my parents on the side chuckling light-heartedly.

I never completed that email.

I think I sent another, eventually, a year later or so, but I never got a response.

She never picked up the phone, any more.

When I was about 11, my mum tried calling once more, and it worked. I was ecstatic, we talked for twenty minutes (her accent was impossibly posh), and then I had to end the call.
When I was 12, I made a Skype account. I managed to find her and we talked a little, but soon she stopped coming online.
I never made a Facebook account, so I can't reach her there.
I emailed her on her new email address, her old one, EVERYTHING. But she never responded.

I've seen her pictures, and she's pretty, and happy, and always with her friends, not the mutual ones we had, but different ones. She's not the same person at all.

I suppose she doesn't want to talk to me anymore, because I was nothing more than a childish acquaintance. I used to pine and pine, but now, I've accepted it.
I guess I was always more fond of her than she was of me.

So I lost a great, great friend - all because I was too forgetful (and most likely lazy) to send an email.

I still miss her.

The End

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