When Push Comes To Shove

This happened today. It's not humorous or anything, but I really wanted to get it out.

So, I think I should start by telling you who Adam Iddle is. He's a guy in my class, and he's pretty sick-minded. He can turn the most clean words into something seriously perverted. We both took Debates before, so we bonded during that. He's not a boyfriend, not a best friend, but a friend. A friend who knows shockingly personal things about me (which I wish he didn't), but a pretty nice friend all the same.

So, today we both tried out Drama classes. Being the kids we are, we obviously got into some play fights. Like him throwing sand at me, me throwing sand in his hair. Stuff like that.

Drama society (which was really hilarious) ended, and we both ended up with some other friends, waiting for our cars to come pick us up. He STILL had sand in his hair, which I found disturbing, because it looked like he had an awful case of dandruff. I ruffled it out of his hair (well, most of it) and he flicked my hand away.

"What're you doing?" he said loudly, indignantly.

"It looks like you have dandruff," I complained.

"AHHH! Adam has dandruff! Use Head and Shoulders!" Kylie, my sister, laughed, and I did too.

Two minutes later, I was talking to another friend, and someone pushed me forward from behind - hard. I just missed the friend, which I was thankful for, because we don't know eachother all too well and it would've been pretty awkward. I was also slouching, and got pushed in the small of my back, and some bone in my back clicked, and it was a bit painful and quite shocking.

"Ahhh," I panted. Ofcourse, it's Adam. He laughed at me. "That HURT!"

Being overdramatic is one of my things.

The friend tries to talk to me, but I cut him off. I can barely hear him over Adam's laughter. "Can't you see I'm writhing in pain?" I asked.

Adam begins creeping away. "It's writhing, actually," the friend corrected me, because I said it like the 'i' in Bit, and he says it like the 'i' in Bite.

I narrow my eyes at Adam, who's escaping. "Actually it depends on which country!" I began in a normal voice and ended loudly as I chasde after Adam. His car came, and I was NOT going to let him go home free.

I pushed him, but only on the shoulder, which was pretty sad. I tried again, succeeding, but he managed, by accident or not, to grab my hair and I was dragged to the floor. I pushed him again, hard.

"Hey! Hey, stop fighting!" a cleaner called. I stopped immediately. We were right next to the path that lead outside, anyway, so I quickly hopped outside, behind Adam. He grinned at me - obviously, since the cleaner must've only saw ME pushing HIM, I was in trouble, not him - and I rolled my eyes, and started towards the other way out, so I could avoid the cleaner. I was pushed in to the flower beds on the side. I stumbled and almost fell, but didn't. I glowered at Adam.

"Bye!" he yelled, and began running to the gate.

"Oh no, you don't!" I yelled, and ran after him. He wasn't too fast, and seemed to be slipping off his backpack, so I leaned forward, but some more energy into my stride, and shoved him.

Instantly I realized my mistake; his bag got muddled in his feet and he fell, sprawled, onto the many dusty little stones on the path we were on. His bag fell right by my feet, and I almost tripped over it, but got over it, only to almost fall on Adam in front of me. I managed to fall to the side of him, only slightly banging my hands. I winced and got to my feet.

Adam was groaning and moaning loudly. He let out a stream of swear words which I'd prefer not to repeat.

"Sorry, dude," I said, a little unsure of what to say. I didn't want to sound gooey or anything. I hadn't meant it.

He let out another stream of bad words, directed to me.

I put out my hand for him to pull on, but he refused it, and got up himself. His trousers and arms were dusted grey with the dust on the pebbles.

He swore at me again.

"Ok, sorry, man," I said, a little surprised.

"That hurt ALOT," he said angrily.

He raised his arm to see what happened, and I saw he had actual scrapes, and I know even small scrapes can hurt alot.

"Sorry, Adam, I didn't mean to push you so hard," I said honestly.

"Sorry's not going to help anything," he shot at me, rubbing his arms.

"You should probably brush yourself off before going to your car," I said, but he ignored me.

The cleaner came. "You pushed him," she said to me.


"Yeah, she did, really hard," Adam added.

I stared at him. Why was he blaming me?

"I know you both fell, but you pushed him first," the cleaner said.

"I didn't even touch her and she pushed me really hard," Adam said, glaring at me.

"Wha - but - you pushed me first!" I said incredulously, half to Adam and half to the cleaner.

"No, I didn't," he scoffed. He began storming off.

"I'm going to tell the V.P tommorow," he said.

I got annoyed. "What, you're going to tell the V.P that I pushed you when you pushed me first, and that was pretty hard too?"

"Do you have marks to prove it?" he retorted, showing me his injured arm.

"Some marks don't show on the skin," I shot back, but he already turned away, and walked off.

Shocked, I went back to Kylie, who had witnessed the whole spectacle.

"I bet he won't tell a teacher," she said confdently.

I frowned. I wasn't sure.

Suddenly, Adam came back.

"I thought your car wash here," she called to him.

"Apparently not," he grumbled.

"You know I am really sorry about your arm," I said seriously.

"Sorry doesn't take the pain away," he said, and slipped inside the school building.

"He won't tell," Kylie repeated.

Two minutes later, he came down with our old Debates teacher (because we've both quit), and the Drama sir. I thought it was maybe some old Debates offer or something, but then she began lecturing me on what I'd done.

I was so surprised. Adam actually told a TEACHER?

And he put blame on me, too. I retaliated to him and explained to the teacher as politely and simply as I could.

"You and Adam need to go to the V.P tommorow and explain what happened. Because this is really serious."

I looked at Adam, wide-eyed. He looked a bit surprised too.
"What honestly happened?" she asked.

And I told her what I believed what happened.

"I did tell him I was sorry," I added.

She didn't hear me. "Atleast have the decency to aplogize," she said sternly. She's never liked me, and the feeling is pretty much mutual.

"I did," I insisted.

She looked at Adam. "She did," he admitted.

She insisted Adam get his arm cleaned and checked, because it looked very bad.

He nodded and went off, and with a few more stern words to me, the teacher left.

I immediately went to Adam.

"You actually told the debate's teacher?" I hissed at him.

He shrugged. "Atleast I didn't push you back. I was decent and just told a teacher."

I looked at him incredulously. Adam Iddle, ultimate swearer and rule disobeyer, thought he was decent.

The Drama sir came and took Adam to put some medicene on his arm.

I was upset. Kylie came and comforted me. "I really didn't think he would tell!" she said.

"Me neither," I said bitterly.

He came back. "How's your arm?" Kylie asked.

"OK," he said.

"Yeah, sorry about that," I say again. "I didn't mean to push you so hard."

He glared at me, with surprising venom. "I don't want to see you or talk to you right now. And I think you meant to shove me like that."

Anger flared up with the upset. "What, Adam? Do you think I meant for you to get scraped up?" I said, gesturing with my own arm.

"I'm pretty sure you meant to push me over so I'd fall," he said.

"Why would I do that? Plus, you pushed me first."

"I didn't push you so hard."

The Drama sir came again. "You guys ok?"

"Erm... yeah, I guess," I said uncertainly, looking at Adam.

"I know it was just a play fight, that you didn't mean it," he reassured us. "Just be more careful."

He's cool that way.

Adam's car came. He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder, and just before he left my sight, he called, "Bye, Kylie." And he left.

I scoffed. "Thanks, dude."

I don't know what got into him. If it was me, I would've NEVER, EVER complained to a teacher. I would've just gotten irritated at him, and, knowing him, he would've aplogized a few times, and then aplogized very seriously. I would've wearily forgiven him, and in a while, we would've gotten back to being normal mates.

The way he said, "I don't want to see you or talk to you," kind of made me feel he won't be so forgiving.

But no way am I going to beg for his forgiveness. He tattle-taled to the teacher, he put extra blame on me, and he started it. I shouldn't have to.

He's a friend, though. And I would prefer if we remained that way.

I wonder what'll happen tommorow.

The End

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