Of Staples and Stupidness.

This happened in 2012, June, I think.

So, me and my sister Kylie (false name, taken from my own story The Super Hero Game) were studying on my parents' bed. They have direct air conditioned cooling onto their bed, and we wanted a cool place to study in.

Whoever has siblings probably understands that obviously, at one time or the other, you're going to end up fighting with them. So, we were studying, quizzing eachother, and yes, goofing off (sometimes you need a break from stupid exam studying) when somehow or the other, we got into a fight.
I don't know if it happens with YOU guys, but for me and Kylie, whoever has the last hit is the clear winner of the fight. I know, I know, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but it's fair if we hit eachother equal amounts of time, isn't it?
(You probably wouldn't think so.)

So, she began bugging me, and, in annoyance, I slapped the papers I was holding onto the only part of her I could reach - her feet, because we were lying parallel to eachother.

She gave a slight shreik, and then, to my own astonishment, she began crying.

I stared at her incredulously. How on Earth does a hit from paper make her cry?

She sat up and gripped her foot, tears slipping from her eyes. Then I noticed the staple stuck in her toe.

Obviously, my reaction was, "Oh, crap."

Then, "Are you okay?"

She shook her head, touching the staple seemingly stuck on her, and gave a short gasp of pain, the tears still streaming down her cheeks. I touched it aswell, and gave it a quick jar.

She cried out. I immediately drew back, unsure of what to do.

See, those papers were stapled together, and when I hit her with the papers, the staple managed to get underneath her toenail, and lodge itself there.
Just my luck.

I volunteered to go call our parents, and she agreed tearfully. I went to my mother and called her to the room. She came, and immediately saw the problem.

"It's not getting out!" Kylie shreiked hysterically, with fear and pain. Personally, I thought she was overreacting, but I was the one who caused her this, so I shut up.

"What happened?" my mom asked me, trying to comfort hysterical Kylie.

I quickly related the events, managing to put slightly less blame on myself. Kylie and I always did that; whenever our parents got involved in our fights, we'd get in a HUGE amount of trouble, and so we always saved ourselves from much blame. It worked pretty well.

"Ok, ok," my mother said soothingly to Kylie. "Let's call your father." I called him to the room, and when he saw what happened, he immediately began giving us a lecture. See what I mean? Honestly pointless, because we knew fighting was wrong, but when you're angry, you do a lot of irrational things.

He made Kylie, who was still whimpering, lie down. My mother took her hand as he reported that it seemed to have gone under her nail, inside her skin, where he couldn't really seem to get it out from. This was obviously not any comfort to Kylie, who began crying harder. I really don't know why this got her so upset.

"Ok, this might hurt a bit," my dad warned, and began fiddling with the small staple. Kylie at once began crying out in pain, begging him to stop.

"Sh, sh," my mother said comfortingly. "He just has to get it out."

"I know, but it HURTS!" she wept. "Baba (that's our pet name for our father) don't move it again!"

It was then I noticed the staple was in his hand.

"Kylie, I got it out - " my dad began. But Kylie was still hysterical.

"No, no, don't touch it again! It hurts!"

"Look," he said, pressing her toe lightly. Kylie shreiked.

"See, it hurts! Stop it!"

"Kylie, it's been out for twenty seconds now!" I called over the noise. My father agreed loudly. With a sniff, she looked down at her feet - which had no staple in it.
"It hurt alot," she sniffled.

It turned out, as my father explained, that the fact that Kylie prefers to keep all her nails long, despite Baba hating it, saved it from actually cutting through her skin. It was just touching a bit of sensitve skin under her toe.

I mused aloud about how strange it was that that pain reduced Kylie to tears and screams.

Kylie, who I think was embarassed, snapped at me.

What a big deal made out of nothing but a closed staple caught on an overgrown toenail.

What a big deal made out of nothing.

The End

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