The journey of each of our lives is defined by moments. Moments give life its meaning and its colour. Describe a moment that you have experienced that gives your life significance.

 An arm is strewn across my abdomen. It ends with  a chubby hand, where only creases mark the knuckles that have relaxed their grip.

I stare at the porcelain canvas. A rosy hue is brushed over little cheeks. Cupid's bows line perfectly pouted lips where the gentle hushing of inhale, exhale escapes from them- the only sound whispering into the quietness.  Long lashes stretch from sleeping eyelids and a halo of chestnut curls decorates the pillow that is my chest.

The sleeper's lullaby is the steady lub dub that has been there from the start that is coming and going from heart to heart.

I wrap my arm securley around the little body that is snuggled as close to me as can be and for this moment everything is perfect and right.


The End

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