The Strange Girl; Lilly

I skip in to the big audition room, with only a tiny bit of nerves inside me. It was only a band after all, but it would be nice to get in. I start singing along to my iPod whilst my fingers were tapping the familiar melody on my legs. A sharp voice throws me out of my daze, "Next!". This is my que.

I unplug my iPod and bound up onto the stage. I look at my audience and observe them silently. A snobby rich girl, a laid-back boy, and another girl that looked kind but firm. They stare back at me, all of them looking quite smug, then I answer my name and go to sit at the piano.

My fingers skim the keys of the piano as I get a feel for it. Then I begin. My fingers magically start to run up and down the piano, my body swaying in time to the music. It was a fast beat of course; Bleed It Out by Linken Park is a rather fast song! Before I start singing I glace up at my judges and stifle a laugh - there is a look of horror and confusion upon all their faces.

I immediately forget this thought when I start to sing. My voice hits all the notes perfectly and before the chorus, I'm in my own world. I changed some parts in the song a while ago: now there's a longer instrumental so they can see my real abilities. During the instrumental, I gaze up at the three judges reading their faces easily. They're all gobsmacked! The girl in the middle - the one that's putting the band together, Coral - starts to smile, her head bobbing in time to the music.

I start to sing again and soon the song is over. I hit the ending chord and stand up to hear the comments. It was silent as they were all so surprised. I laugh then blush and look down at my bright pink converse and grey skinny's.

"Well..." A voice says. I look up and see that it's Coral's, "That was surprising. You're in. You can be the lead singer. Come and sit down." She told me, a small smile on her face. I skip down the stairs and sit down next to the boy.

"So, what did you think?" I say. As a response he just laughs out loud as though he can't believe what he's just heard.

The End

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