Zoey: Audition

My hands were sweating and I was shaking uncontrollably. Why am I so nervous? It’s only a band audition! I don’t want to be humiliated, though. My day-dream was shattered by a voice shouting from inside the classroom,

“Next!” I picked up my trusty drum-sticks and made my way into the room. There, I was confronted by a pretty girl with a slight look of boredom on her face, and a guy lolling back in his chair. I took a deep breath and prepared myself.

“Name,” said the girl.

“Zoey,” I replied.

“What are you going to play for us?” she asked.

“I play drums” I replied. The girl paused for a moment, then said,

“When you’re ready.” She still looked utterly un-interested, which just made me more determined to impress her. I sat down at my drum set, when a thought struck me. What was I going to play? As I sat there, pondering, the girl was growing impatient and was halfway through saying ‘Next’, when I began playing.

I wasn’t sure how my hands knew what I was doing, but it didn’t sound half bad. I’d learnt from experience not to try and intervene with what they were doing, otherwise I’d have a panic attack and everything would go to pot. When I’d finished, the boredom of the judges’ faces had shifted. Before I could think, my mouth had begun articulating. Why is it my body seems to have a mind of its own, while I’m stuck as its puppet?

“So?” I (or should I say my mouth) asked.

“Your in,” the girl said, “Come and take a seat." She was gesturing towards a chair on the un-occupied side of her. My mouth opened and closed in shock, like a goldfish. Typical. My inner strength had to abandon me now. The girl rolled her eyes, with a look of mild amusement on her face. I picked up my sticks, pulled out the chair and sat down. Yet again, my daze was shattered with the same single word,


The End

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