The Start of Coral and the Crotchets!

Coral sat through the first few hours of auditions in pure boredom. Denying anyone and everyone.

No one was good enough for her. They were all rubbish. They were worse than rubbish!

Until that one kid come in, the one with the guitar, much alike to hers except it was blue.

'Your guitar is awesome!'Coral whooped from the ''judging table''.

'Thanks, but don't you wanna hear my performance?'He smirked, posing and readying his hand.

'Go, please,'Coral looked at the sheet, 'Blake.'

She instantly woke up. Such wonderful noises were escaping his guitar.  She sat up and peered at the red-haired boy. She didn't even realise he'd stopped.


'Your in.'


'I said your in, please come sit here.'She ordered him, patting the seat beside her, 'your in my band. Welcome or whatever.'

He beamed and bounded over, texting to someone, probably his mother to tell him where he was.

'Thanks. Your the lead vocalist?'He asked, plonking down in the chair next to her.

Coral shook her head, 'I hope not. My voice is very weak. I'm the lead guitarist. I'm hoping I'll find someone with decent singing skills soon.'

Blake laughed and put his feet on the table, compleatly relaxed to be near her, the kid of a famous dude.

'This is gonna be a long day if your the only one we could fine. . .'She muttered, leaning back and allowing the next kid in.


The End

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