Chapter 7 (Miracle)Mature

I did as Draykn had said and stayed in the room. I had found a book among hundreds of books about well... the big deed. I was embarrassed by the thought of even looking in those books never mind doing the actual thing. So I had left them where they were and laid on my stomach.

That was when Draykn got back but it was also along with the Prince. Draykn tried to stop him walking in but still the Prince came. At the sight of me he seemed to almost stop in wonder but I knew it was more hunger something else. "Well, well, you did have a girl all locked up in your room, Draykn. Who is she? A friend? A guest at the party?"

"A friend. She came by this morning because she was worried about something. We're sorting it out. Right, Mira"

I nodded feeling a huge lump had formed in my throat. I was so scared because the Prince wouldn't stop looking at me. I moved to sit up perched on the edge of the bed and looked back at him timidly. I mean this was the Prince.... The Prince?!? 

"Azure, lets just go for lunch" Draykn muttered as Azure walked up to me. He trailed a finger down my face and then along my jaw. All I could do was stay still. I knew things would just get worse if I didn't let him.

Azure smiled gently and glanced down at my body which was hidden by the baggy clothing I'd borrowed out of Draykn's wardrobe. "Mind if I.... spend a little time with her?" 

That's when I turned terrified. No, this couldn't happen. It just couldn't. "No" Draykn said almost instantly and Azure looked back at him with a tilt of his head.

"Why not?"

"Because I haven't had my time with her yet and she did come to see me" Draykn said walking over and pulling me to my feet before... before... before kissing me. His lips were soft like satin and they melted to mind like rich thick chocolate. I couldn't breathe or pull away as my mind tumbled and rolled in confusion.

"Too bad" Azure laughed stretching as he began to head out. "I guess I'll leave you two alone then"

"You better" Draykn called as the door shut but all I was focused on was his hands on my waist pulling me in as his eyes ran over my face. He passed his fingers through my hair then seemed to remember stepping back. "He will ask again" he muttered. I swallowed heavily and found my eyes straying to his lips but I yanked them away with an embarrassed flush. Draykn noticed though. "Maybe.... I shouldn't have ran off to find another girl" 

His hand reached out to rub my hip and I stepped away. "Remember what I am" I said quickly hoping it would scare him off. "You need to get me home quickly"

It didn't scare him though cause he stepped up and pressed me up to one of the walls next to his bed. "I don't think I really care now that you look normal and I do think you owe me" he said simply undoing the buttons of the trousers. 

My body shook a little scared and I opened my mouth to speak but that was when he kissed me again with those silk like lips. Soon enough I was on the bed and had lost the last shred of my humanity.

The End

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