Chapter 6 (Draykn)Mature

I mentally congratulated myself on my brilliant idea. I mean, Sapphirians were naturally awesome like that, but the idea of dyeing the girl's hair to make her look normal was just in the sphere of genius.

Looking at her, she could have been one of us: a member of the upper class, of high society. Her face was pretty, and with her lovely figure...

"You could be a model," I said aloud.

The girl looked slightly annoyed by the compliment.  

"What?" I asked, puzzled.

She shook her head. She suddenly glanced nervously at the door and I remembered that I was meant to be going fox-hunting with Azure.

"You have to stay here...," I told her, hesitating before I remembered her name. "Mira. Mira, there's a mini-fridge over there." I pointed to the small silver cube by the closet which had been filled with a varied selection of clothes in my size. If I could keep this room for a few more nights, I might figure out what to do with the girl. I should talk to the prince about that.

She nodded nervously.

"Just stay in the room. There's no need for you to be anywhere else. If you leave, someone might notice that you're not one of the Palace regulars."

She nodded.

I sighed. "What am I doing?" I muttered.

Footsteps approached along the corridor. Ah, Azure must be wondering where I was. I nodded to the girl and left, closing the door behind me. As I had predicted, Azure was coming up to my room.

"Ready!" I said. "Sorry about that."

Azure rolled his eyes.

"All right. I wondered if there was a girl under your bed you wanted to say goodbye to."

I grinned. "Unfortunately not."

"Let's go then."

I smiled and followed him from the Palace. I just hoped that Mira would do as I'd said.

The End

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