Chapter 5 (Miracle)Mature

This couldn't be happening. Not only had my contacts fallen out but I didn't have another pair. They were individually made by Aunt Sue. I had another two pairs at home. The two pairs to last till my birthday where she'd bring more. So I found myself squashed into the corner of this Draykn's wardrobe hidden behind all the shirts, jackets and trousers. All were tailor fit and I recognised one to be from where my mum worked.

It didn't matter though cause I was scared the man would find me and drag me out of the wardrobe by my hair. No, he didn't seem like that but his warning had been clear. I would have left but I couldn't. I'd only taken two steps from the room before I almost ran into a guard. I was scared and a little bit cold from the lack of clothes I wore.

It had almost thrown up when Draykn and his new girl had returned to the room. The screams were worse than the ones my grandmother had made. They were ones that would be filled with pleasure had the girl been willing. She hadn't been though because when the morning came she quickly made the excuse she had to go.

She stumbled out of the room while Draykn just chuckled. I heard him leave as well and for a long while... I was alone. Then a new voice accompanied Draykn's as he came back.

"Did you find your girl with 34 hips?" a voice teased. It was posh and full of arrogance so I could easily tell it was the price.

"No, unfortunately only a 33" Draykn replied with a chuckle. I paled. That was why he'd been so eager with me. I looked down at the tag on my clothes and gritted my teeth. The tag said all my sizes and my age. 

16. I wasn't sixteen. I wasn't legal. Not for another day now. Suddenly the door opened and I was met by Draykn's shocked eyes. He grabbed his clothes and shut the door. "I'll be a while, Azure" he said quickly. "Why don't you wait at the gate?"

"Sure" the prince replied and I heard his footsteps leave the room. The door swung open and Draykn dragged my arm pulling me out.

"Why are you still here?" he snapped panicking. I swallowed and looked down but he forced me to look up again wincing at the colour of my eyes. "Answer" 

"I couldn't walk out without my contacts and I have non left" 

"Damnit" he swore letting go of me and pushing a hand back through his hair. "What the hell are we gonna do?" His voice was angry and I stepped back out of his reach just incase he got violent. He tilted his head watching me then bit his lip. "I-I think I have an idea. We're going to dye your hair"

He had grabbed my hand and tugged me into the en-suite before I had spoken a word. "Wh-What?" I said frightened.

"Look, I've never heard of these contacts so this is the only way. Now sit" he said sternly pushing me down onto the stool in the bathroom before digging around in the cupboards beneath the sink. I fidgeted impatiently. This didn't feel right. I was going to look like them. Look like a Sapphirian and possibly have to act like one. 

I almost cried as Draykn messily applied the dye to my hair. Once he was done he sat across from me and looked at me. This time though he didn't flinch and I had to look away then. He thought I was gonna be like him.

I was never going to be like him.

The End

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