Chapter 4 - DrayknMature

Brilliant. There was a girl with hips of 34 inches. Once I had tasted her and found her to my deep satisfaction, I took her hand and led her out of the main partying room. I pulled her along through the Palace, hoping I could remember the way to the room Azure had given me, though not really caring which room I ended up in as long as I got my fun. This evening, I did find it. When we got in I pointed to the bed. I grabbed the open bottle of Bucks’ Fizz provided by the Palace stuff and walked over to the girl, who looked nervous but wasn’t saying anything. Sitting on the bed, I offered it to her.

She took it from me without hesitation, taking a large swig.

I laughed and drank a smaller amount when she gave it back to me. I put it on the floor.

“So... Mira,” I whispered, moving closer to her. Her chest rose and fell quickly. My eyes ran up and down her body. I pointed to her top. “I think we’ll have that off first.”

Fumbling a little, she pulled it off. And then I lost track of time for a little while, caught in sensation and the joy of hearing her sounds of reaction. Every girl sounds different. It excites me when I think about just how many different experiences exist out there.

At one point I found myself upright, pushing her against the wall and then into the en-suite. There, I noticed Mira stopped looking at me directly. I paused, though I don’t know how I restrained myself. Curious, I lifted her chin. Mira began to tremble. I looked into my eyes ... and recoiled in shock.

“Your eyes!” I exclaimed. They were as blue ... as my own. And yet her hair was dark brown. How could this be?

“I.. I...” Mira tried to find words but failed. She looked away, her cheeks flushed in anger or shame.

I stared at her.

“What are you?”

“I .. .I don’t know.” She looked at me, defying the desire she must feel to run away, scared. “No one does.”

I reached behind me for the brass doorknob.

“I should tell the Prince...”

“No!” she said sharply. She immediately softened her tone, looking scared I’d go out faster. “No, please. Don’t tell anyone.” She looked pained, like I’d hurt her physically.

I ran my hand through my hair.

“This is very unnatural. I don’t know if I can finish this.” I returned to the main room, picked up her clothes and went into the en-suite. I dropped the clothes at her feet.

“I’m going back to find another girl.” Seeing her expression, I said, “I promise I won’t tell anyone”, though I wasn’t entirely sure why. She was just a girl for the Prince’s party. She shouldn’t affect any decision I made. But the colour of her eyes unnerved me. Perhaps she had some supernatural ability which she could use to punish me if I told people about her.

“Make sure you’re gone before I get back,” I warned.

I quickly redressed, ending up looking un-neat and tousled (but hey, that was an attractive look as any), and returned to the main party room. I didn’t find any other girl with hips of 34 inches, but I found one with hips of 33 inches and that was good enough. I refused to let one abnormal girl get in the way of a good night.

In the morning, though, I did wonder what had become of her. Girls weren’t allowed to leave without permission if they’d been brought in for a party. I wondered if she’d got caught wandering the palace without a man. But as the girl I’d chosen after her woke up, I pushed all that out of my mind and treated myself to a morning kiss.

The End

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