Chapter 3 (Miracle)Mature

"Hips 34" the women yelled as she whipped the tape off my waist. I yelped looking round at the other girls around me. A couple were low bred Sapphirians but most... most were human girls and older than I by at least two years. I recognised a few but couldn't put names to faces. They were all so similar. 

"Excuse me. What is-" I was cut off by another yelp as the tape was yanked round me below my bust. 

"32 round the bust and a D cup" the woman yelled again. I looked for who she was yelling to and saw a tailor jotting down notes. His eyes glance occasionally at the girls in their underclothes and licked his lips hungrily. It made me feel sick. The woman looked me over and yelled a name that I didn't quite catch. "This girl doesn't look legal" she put simply whipping me again with the tape as a Sapphirian guard walked over.

He looked at me then shrugged to woman. "Who cares? She's only human" he laughed walking off. The Sapphirian women looked at me then smirked.

"I guess so" she said then shoved me off towards the group of girls already measured. I felt numb. My skin was beginning to form goosebumps from the cold air travelling through the stone room. She knew the Sapphirians lived in heaven. They stole the chemical masks and harvested the forest building large houses. They forced us to build it of course and write books only few of which we have access to. 

200 years apparently as slaves to these creatures. The more I was around them the less I felt drawn to them like before or wanted to be like them. I was glad for my contacts but I knew I'd have to take them out if I was going to sleep and then someone would know.

Another human would rat me out just to get more comfort. I don't know what they would do to me. Sapphirians didn't have many kids like humans but not cause they wanted to. No, it was cause the more of them the bigger the dome would have to be. They were ageless and some suspect Sapphire was immortal. The Key, since he was their master, to the fall of the Sapphirians.

"A lot of girls" the tailor laughed as the last girl was measured. "But don't worry. I'll get the clothes.... done for in a few hours"

My guessing was he wouldn't be doing anything. He'd have slaves, humans, and he'd work them to the bone to get the orders in. We were led to a warmer room while we waited though and was given water and fruit to eat. I savoured the taste remembering stories.

I believed the stories now. Well, almost. I couldn't say some were false after what I'd seen but I prayed that the one I feared now wasn't true. That I would be put to the slaughter if I failed to... entertain any of the guests to satisfy them.

"I'm scared" a girl beside me cried. I was guessing everyone around her was. That everyone in this room feeding off the blood grown fruit was. That was when the clothes arrived. They weren't clothes though.

They were more like the Arabian outfits I heard about in the stories. The bra top and then like a short skirt which hid the face that they were pants. Girls began to cry silently around me but I knew it was pointless. I understood what my mother had wanted to protect me from and I felt sick about the fact I had been drawn to that man. That I had wanted to come at first.

Now I felt sick to my stomach. I was so dazed that I barely paid attention to being led up into the palace. I only came back to life when the Prince arrived followed by his friends who swept into the crowd of girls and began to do what they pleased which wasn't just kissing.

A guy came up to me. He stood behind and hugged my waist before feeling my hips. He checked the tag on them and laughed before leaning down to kiss my neck. "What's your name?"

"Mira" I replied not wanting to be made fun of or for him to get suspicious.

"Mira" he said slowly kissing along my neck before spinning me round and pushing me up to a pillar so he could press against me. "My names Draykn Swill. The name you'll be screaming by the end of tonight"

The End

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