Chapter 2 - DrayknMature

His Highness’s parties. Those brilliant nights of music, dancing, alcohol and - our personal favourite - women. Getting fitted out at the expensive tailor which Prince Azure gave me exclusive discount for, I could already feel a quickened pulse, the brush of lips, a character submitting to my will... Yes, I did love His Highness’s parties.

Arriving at the Palace, I instantly requested permission to visit the prince.

“Name?” asked the tiresome butler who couldn’t fail to know my name unless he had a problem with his mental health.

“Draykn Swill,” I replied wearily.

He looked at my eyes, checking they were blue, and nodded.

“His Highness has been expecting you...”

But I was already hurrying up the stairs, heading for the Prince’s chambers.

I knocked on the door.

“Password?” he called.

“Um...” I racked my brains for the memory of the last woman who had been invited to His Highness’s royal bed. “Long straight hair, five foot nine, 32... D?”

The prince opened the door.

“F actually.”

I grinned.


“Come in,” he said, standing aside.

I walked in and planted myself in the comfy ocean blue armchair in front of the hearth.

Azure rolled his eyes, closing the door. He went to sit at the foot of his bed - a four poster with navy blue silk hangings and satin pillows stuffed with duck down.

“So, have you seen any yet?” I asked eagerly. “I’d quite like a girl with hips of a circumference of 34 inches.”

“I’ll ask the tailor if I can borrow his tape,” Azure said drily.

I chuckled.

“I didn’t think you minded unless you could make them scream,” Azure remarked.

I grinned.

“That’s true. But 34 inches at the hips would be nice too.”

The prince scooted backwards and grabbed a book of his bedside table.

“I think you’d enjoy reading this. I found it in the Mature section of the library.”

He got up and walked over to give it to me.

“101 Things You Were Never Taught At School,” I read out. I grinned and looked up at the prince. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Leave it here and I’ll give it to you tomorrow morning.”

I placed the book on the small coffee table beside the armchair.

“So what room have you reserved for me tonight?”

“It’s a guest room again. Come with me and I’ll show you it. We don’t want you sleeping in the wrong bed like you did last time.”

I stood up and followed the prince around the Palace, trying to remember parts of the route. The Prince stopped in front of door made of deep red wood. He opened it to reveal a chamber containing a four poster less grand than his own with slightly tatty green pillows. He opened a door in the wall to the right of the bed to reveal the customary en-suite. He came back into the main part of the room and winked conspiratorially as he pulled open a drawer in the bedside table and gestured for me to come and look inside.

When I saw what was laid out on rich crimson velvet, I laughed.

“Oh, Azure, you’re too good to me.”

Inside, were handcuffs and other assorted items designed to make a night of fun very fun.

He closed the drawer and smiled.

“Don’t I know it?”

The End

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