Chapter 1 (Miracle)Mature

"Mira!" my mother snapped at me as I reached the bottom step. "Go put your contact in" she hissed shoving me back towards the stairs. I sighed irritated and ran straight back up my chestnut hair yanked back into a ponytail. 

Reaching my room I searched round for my contacts finding them under my dressing table. I sat down in front of the cracked mirror held by the wood and looked at my lively blue eyes. They had a small spark in today which I knew I'd better watch. So as fast as I could I slipped in my contacts. Brown. A deep colour that marked me the human I wasn't.

No one knew what to call me. Well, no one who knew the truth and that was my mother and my Aunt Sue. She had been the midwife to deliver me and had stuck by my mother to protect me.

It was enough to be a freak though than to be a lot more weird from my name. "Miracle" I muttered staring at my boring human reflection. I couldn't see my shining blue eyes. I couldn't see the spark in them which showed I would have a gift. A gift like a creature of Sapphire. 

"Mira!" my mother yelled suddenly causing me to scramble to my feet and race down stairs. She glanced briefly at my eyes then nodded before taking my hand. She led me along a dozen path. I didn't understand why still, at the age of 15, I still had to travel by the hands of my mother. It wasn't just cause I was different either all human kids were led by their mother across the city. That was till they were 18. You weren't a kid then and I had 2 years and 3 days till that happened.

3 days... I really couldn't wait for my birthday. It was the only day of the year I was allowed to stay at home with no contacts in my eyes. Nothing hiding the spark that didn't make me plain old human. I guess I sounded ungrateful. I mean I should be happy to be human. There was so few of us left and considering the one child policy that had been put on the women we weren't growing much with our life expectancy at 45.

My nan had died last year. Died. It had use to mean a peaceful death as well as the brutal ones. Now they were just brutal. Once you were about to hit 46... a man would knock at your door. He'd kick it in if he had to and drag your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle away by their hair. 

The screaming stayed with you for hours ringing in your ears as it scorched itself into your brain as a permanent memory. My mother had had me at 24.... she was 39 now. 

Only 6 more years. The idea shook me to the core.

"Mira" my mother snapped at me as we reached the school dragging me out of my heads. Out of the clouds as she put it. I didn't know what clouds were. Neither did my mum. She said it was something passed along to her from grandmother. She hadn't known either.

I tried to imagine clouds. All my mother knew is we would be able to see them if it wasn't for the murky green poison air.

"Yes?" I said.

"Keep watch" she snapped at me. She didn't like me going off and daydreaming. She said it was dangerous and I should keep my eye out.

"Why?" I said just as a man stepped out before us. He was at least 30 and grinned down at me. 

"Perfect" he said simple.

"No" my mother yelled pulling me to her. "She's a good girl. She didn't stray"

"I don't care" the man laughed at her. He was a creature of Sapphire. His beautiful blue hair and eyes shone out like mine should. I felt drawn to it and would of took a step to him if my mother wasn't holding me back. "It looks like she wants to come"

"Look at your feet, Mira" my mother hissed at me. I did as I was told but the man didn't leave and the thread didn't stop tugging at me. "Please just. Let her go"

"I need a girl for his highnesses party"

His highness could only mean Sapphire's son. His name was lost to my mind but I'd heard stories but... I couldn't listen to stories. Everyone felt the same about the creatures. The Sapphirians. That part of me that made my eyes blue.

The man grabbed my hand then. "No" my mother wailed as I was tugged from her grip. The man hit her then before me. Hit her to the ground which she hit so very hard. I didn't see her get up as I was dragged away.

The End

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