The year is 3052. The dominant human gene has taken over leaving humans with dark hair and eyes. Then the creatures of Sapphire came. Creatures of blue eyes and blue hair. The human race fell but finally a girl was born with the bluest eyes and the darkest chestnut hair. Miracle.


In the time of awakening that was when the creatures of Sapphire awoke. You could pick one easily out by the blue of their eyes. It was a colour that had been drown out by the dominance of the gene leaving people with brown eyes and dark hair usually brown or black.

So when the creatures of Sapphire woke the human race was astounded. Astounded by theses creatures coming from places beyond the dome, the last home left for humans, out of the poisoned to press themselves against the glass and stare at them. Stare at those dark eyed humans with eyes so blue they shone out and so they were welcomed. Into the dome and away from the poisonous air that began to choke them.

They fed them their food that they grown. They gave them the beds that they'd struggled out of the dome to fetch wood for. 

They treated the creatures of Sapphire like friend but then... then Sapphire came. Their goddess. Their mistress. Their creator. 

So many names for the blue eyed, blue haired and blue skinned being which strode into the dome and the creatures bowed towards. The humans bowed to. Oh, how they were mistaken to do so. It was then that the reason these creatures had come out of the soil, they had laid buried in, was revealed.

They were here to grow. They were here... to rule.

And now.... 200 years from when they had risen. Now in the year 3052 a new creature will rise. Not one of blue hair and eyes, a creature of Sapphire, or a creature of dark hair and eyes, a human, but one of the bluest eyes and the darkest chestnut hair.


The End

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