"I don't have a home..." The boy stated looking down. 

The Wolf smiled and shook its head whilst turning and walking back towards the boy. 

"Sire, THIS is your home." He said sternly, yet gently. The boy looked confused and scared, and the wolf wasn't about to try and make that worse. The boy shook his head vigorously. He couldn't fathom it, he never had a home...ever. What was happening? Where was he?

"I don't understand. Where is this?" He asked, confused and scared of the answer, yet curious like a schoolchild. Home? What was that? The boy sighed deeply, unable to figure out what was happening. Why had he been bought here? He had so many questions but he didn't know which to ask first. 

"This has always been your home, even whilst you were lost, Sire." The Wolf said with a soothing tone. This raised even more questions in the Boy's mind. Lost? Now he was really confused; And what was he supposed to forgive? Being stabbed or something else? His mouth was dry, his lips rough. He was dehydrated on top of being confused, scared and in a place he didn't know. 

"Uhh...Water?" He asked timidly. A small creature came towards him from the left, carrying a wooden cup. She walked in front of him and stopped. 

"Your water, Sire!" She squeaked sharply bowing her small head in respect.

"Uhh...Thanks." He took the cup from her and nodded in appreciation whilst he gulped the cool, refreshing fluids. Vaguely aware that the Wolf and this other creature were watching him, he slowed his gulps. 

"Ahh..." He sighed. "Someone needs to explain this."

The Wolf and creature exchanged looks, though the boy was unsure of what sort of look. He began getting a little impatient as well as everything else. Taking a step forward and looking the Wolf directly in the eyes, he sighed. 

"Explain this. Now!"

The End

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