The Wolf

The wolf smiles and whispers reassuringly, " Welcome home,Sire.We've missed you."

The Boy, as he had long since forgotten his own name for he had never had cause to use it, stared at the talking atrocity in front of him. He was so scared and confused, he hadn't even thought to move away from the sharp incisors that were only inches from him. Sire? Home? The only "home" he had known were various shelters for the homeless and park benches when he wasn't lucky enough to get a room. For the longest, since the beginning of the harsh winter, he had been in that park- at least he had been until that thing had stabbed him. What had the strange creature said before it dove that sword into his chest? Something about forgiving? The Boy didn't have time to ponder it as the Wolf had started walking away, and the Boy had questions that he wanted answered still.

"Hey! Wait! Where did you say I was? Home? I don't have a home- wait! Please Wait! I SAID WAIT!"

The Wolf turned, his stained white coat gleaming almost like metal as he turned. He smiled wolfishly- so THATS why they say people smile wolfishly the Boy thought- and his voice seemed to echo over the treetops-

"I said you were Home."

The End

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