Minute Writing

Feel Free to finish it..?

A young boy sits alone on a frosted oak bench. Around him night has devoured the park he now calls home. He lays shivering as the snow starts to fall. This far into winter his hopes of survival are limited.

                A flash of light pierces the dark skies ending in an area not far from where he lay. He rises shaking violently, not from cold, but of fear.

                He follows the light away from the park into a densely wooded maze. What he sees amazes and startles him. Standing before him is an abominable creature of about 8 feet in height, its elongated fangs dripping with blood. The creature kneels, ruffling its silvery fur, its crimson eyes piercing the boys very being.

                It speaks, “Forgive me my lord’’

                It draws its sword, driving it deeply into the young boy’s chest. A scarlet stain spreads from the wound staining his worn white t-shirt. The blade glows brightly, a flash of light and they are gone.


                In another world the sunlight breaks through the trees. This area of the forest is overgrown with flowers and greenery. A small creek bleeds through the land cutting the forest in half.

                Another flash of blinding light and the peace is disturbed. A giant armored creature, a cross between a white wolf and a man appears. In its arms is a bloodied young man. It lays him down by the creek, nursing his wounds. The young man starts awake, seemingly frightened and studies his surroundings.

                The wolf smiles and whispers reassuringly, “

The End

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