Last Breath

Tears streak softly down my face as I lay on the gritty, charcoal black pavement. I could feel every shard of crystal glass that had been shot through my warm skin. This isn't how it should end.  My minds synapses firing, trying to repair the traumatic damage that had occured to body. I took another shaky breath as my lungs labored for me to breath. Blood trickled into my mouth leaving a sickly metalic taste on my tounge. I urged my body, get up...move...FIGHT! But alas it lay broken. I looked to my left at the twisted metal and burning fiberglass. It gave off a sickly smell causing me to gag and choke. Sirens wailed in the distance, signalling a glimmer of hope. I blinked weakly not realizing the beauty of the azure blue sky. Tiny clouds floated by as birds flew in a mix of directions. 

"I  wish I could fly..." I whispered to myself, before coughing again. The sirens drew closer and louder. Then there was a squealing of rubber on concrete, I imagined it leaving a stark skid mark. Shouts came as the ambulances doors swung open. My eyes slunk closed. I was in agony and felt inhumanly tired. I was going to rest, only for a little bit. 

"STAY AWAKE!" A young females voice shouted as she slid gracefully to my side. "You're going to be fine." She said trying to reassure both of us. "You were in a crash, we're going to take you to the hospital..." Her kind youthful voice began to fade away as darkness infiltrated my vision. I felt all the tension and pain dissipate, I felt at piece. The girl, aqua tears pooling in her eyes, as I took my last labored breath. 

The End

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