A Sip of Water

Wet drops tease at my lips. My nose sniffs at them and there is a smell of life in the making. I close my eyes and imagine a refreshing breeze that hits my senses and instantly, dark thoughts of withering into nothingness are banished.

The cool and flowing liquid enters and spreads around through to the deep crevices and corners of my mouth. It wanders freely over my teeth and gums, venturing occasionally to the roof of my mouth. My tongue savours and tastes in celebration, the threat of being likened to sandpaper no more. Lips pursed tight, it holds on to the pool for a little longer, swirling around until my taste buds are exhausted.

A gentle trickle escapes and finds its way down the back of my throat. It bids farewell to a parched and cracked existence like a persistent stream loyal against a rough rocky side. A forceful gulp brings it all to an end. All that remains is a mild moistness of the mouth and the senses. Lips part for another sip and I know I am hydrated.

The End

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