The thick red liquid leaks into my Right Atrium, deoxygenated and tired. I feel the weariness of the tiny bloodcells, achy and sleepy.At the same time I can feel the quicker flow of oxygentated cells into my Left Atrium.

I feel a small tingle in my coronary vessels as oxygen is thrown from the little crimson cells filing through them. The oxygen just feels so good. Like a miracle drug.

My Atria muscles contract and the blood is squeezed out of the pockets of my Atria.


The sudden feel of liquidfied warmth in my Ventricles closes my atrio-ventricular valves and seals in that kernel of love.

The electrical impulse travels like a lit fuse along a nerve.

The fire hits the end and my Ventricular muscles tighten. the blood can't escape. The valves keep the pressure until...


My Aortic annd Pulmonary valves take no more and release the blood, shooting it down my Aorta and Pulmonary Artery. My ventricular walls touch and there is no more blood to give.


The Pulmonary and Aortic valves close and the cycles starts again, blood dripping into my Atria...

The End

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