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I gazed up into the night sky. It enchanted me, taking me places of dreams. My mind wandered, mainly through science. I loved it, every single aspect of it, though especially physics. I tucked my black bangs behind my ears as my brow furrowed in concentration. A spark flew inside me: what if... it sounds mad, but what if I used science through my ability? 

My ability being telekinesis. I've know about it since my 13th birthday. My Mum was carrying the cake through and suddenly it was flying through the air towards Dad, although I managed to stop it before it hit him. I barely ever see them now. Dad's a nuclear scientist and Mum... well, Mum's unemployed but I only really go in my room and the attic in our house.

As the idea expanded, I began to see more possibilities. It always fascinated me how it actually works: the particles, energy, maybe even magnetic fields. If I was able to incorporate it in with telekinetics, I could make incredible discoveries! The government might even start treating us with respect!

My latest theory for the idea of telekinesis is as follows:

Firstly, F=ma, Newton's law - we know to move something is to put a force on it. What we're actually doing is putting a force on the particles, atoms and molecules that make up an object. What I think is that the limited number of us that have this ability use the electromagnetic power in our brain to move objects.

It's already proven that the brain has some sort of electromagnetic field, so why can't some be stronger than others, just like some people are good at maths, others are good at art? There's also the fact that everyone has that underlying psychic power; people can sense something before it happens, or know when something being done is good or bad. Most people say this is simple ethics, but what about when it's so strong that you have to stop it?

For something magnetic to move, it has to be drawn to something, which obviously needs energy. I think, because the select few of us may have a bigger electromagnetic field, we can use that instead of it just being there unnoticed.

As the theory expanded to scientific use, my body had other ideas. Before I knew it, I was running up the spiral staircase to the attic - or my lab. I say 'lab', but it's really just my science room. I do experiments, practice, and generally just do scientific things in there.

I was pacing, pad and pen in hand to scribble things down, when another thought came to me: What if the others like me, were so near I could communicate and meet up with them?!

The End

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