Mind Over MatterMature

500 years into the future, in a post apocalyptic dystopia, a world ravaged by nuclear war, what remains of society has become enclosed in a bubble of energy. The law is strict on all, with arrests and executions each day.
As a fallout from the war, several members of society have gained telekinetic powers. Those who have these powers are outcast and usually imprisoned or killed. The law is stricter than normal on them. There are a select few with this power who work with the enforcers to comba

1 ~ Danny Brooks

Danny brooks sat on his usual wall on the usual street gazing up at the bubble of energy that enclosed their society. His various attempts to penetrate it had failed. How he would love to explore the world outside. What wonders awaited them out there?

The pebble rolled itself over and over an inch above Danny’s palm. He flicked his wrist, firing the pebble off down the street. Then, it flew back to his hand. He repeated this exercise, marvelling at his ability.

Danny had first discovered he had telekinetic powers at the age of fourteen. It had caused havoc at home. His mother had worried he would be carried off by enforcers, his father drilled him into keeping it secret, and his sisters had begun to fear him. Danny’s power set him aside from others. There were others like him, he knew. The power was outlawed, and those found to possess it were outcast by the rest of society, usually taken into custody, and sometimes executed. It was a dangerous gift he had been given.

Danny closed his eyes and began to hum an even note. After several seconds, he opened his eyes. He was hovering above the wall now, with a foot of a gap separating them. Danny continued to hum as he floated through the air, and came to a landing on the opposite wall. He smiled a wry smile. Sure it was dangerous, but it was also fun.

The End

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