Steven (Pov)Mature

I walked outside, it was about lunch time.  She was upset today, I knew she was, but it was her birthday why was she so upset. I saw her walking to the court yard, I ran near her as she looked at me, I smiled a little "Hey sexy" I said smiling at her. "Hey" she replied smiling soft. I took her hand walking to my truck; "you want some food" she looked around "yeah…" she was still upset, I knew she was. I grabbed her body close holding her waist as she, rubbed my chest. "McDonalds?" I asked we ate that almost all winter break together, "sure" she said baby like, and she finally started getting happy.


"What do you want for your birthday?" I asked sitting in the truck, "a date would be nice" she replied with a grin on her face, I looked slightly at her, "yeah well someone’s having a sleep over tomorrow right?" she smiled up at me, "you could sneak over and we can put a wig on you and paint your toes" I cringed slightly hearing those words coming out of her mouth. "I could" "yeah you could, so daddy Avery wouldn't find out" I looked at the road, "I'm sure I'd look a little suspicious" I smiled to myself in regards to my secret plans… Similar to her suggestion but less makeup and wigs involved.


We walked into the McDonalds, as I opened my bag and ate a fry as she started eating her sandwich, I looked at her "what?" she said hiding her face, "your pretty" I said smiling at her, with her puffy cheeks from the sandwich, she swallowed, "no I'm not" I smiled again and leaned in near her, "the prettiest girl I've ever seen" she giggled and held my neck near her face as her little breath tickled my ear, "happy birthday" I whispered, "thanks" she replied, I was planning on something that night she would never forget, but right now, all my attention was on her. I kissed her sweet lips, after she drank a gulp of sweet tea, and felt her warm breath against mine; this girl was wrapped around my finger.

The End

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