Stevens POVMature

I leaned back and looked at her, she was ontop of me, as I slid the sleeve of her shirt down. This girl was so sexy to me, I felt her hands up my shirt leaving it on she kissed deeper, it was kind of crammed but it was okay. I was thinking a million things, kissing more feeling everything. She held ,y hand before I could touch places. 


That came out of her mouth instantly, and I fell even more in love with these lustful thoughts. I was falling deeper and easier, like I took ecstasy, with music buzzing in my ears, but instead it was the radio speaker next to my ear and her moans traveling through my ear drums. Each touch sent more warmth through my body as she felt my dick ach for her pussy. I smiled a little, innocently somewhat, as she smiled back.

"I want you, babe"

"I want you, Steven" 

She always said that to me, always. And it always turned me on. 


I took her home and drove home. I went to go in my bed while my baby was taking a nap. I missed her every time I was gone, she laid next to me, as I was thinking a million things again. Why was I so confused, why was I missing something. I had a girl, I had sex, I had emotions, but I felt like something was gone, wasn't there. I don't know. 

I hung out with Libby a lot the Christmas break, we had more sex than I thought we would. It was so different with her. I was in love a little, but I still, didn't ask her to be mine, because in my mind, I did claim she was mine.. Just no one knew.


I was at my locker, I turned around. I saw Libby in front of me, but this time her friend Bethany and Sierra were with her, 

"Hi joe!" Bethany yelled

It was to early for this in the morning, I half smiled and said hey back to her. Libby smiled lightly, as I gave her a look. The bell rang as they were all separating as I pulled her back to me holding her in my arms, she dropped a book on the ground as I kissed her lips soft, but rough at the same time. The hall was empty as I pushed her harder into the lockers, feeling the kiss even more. Her hands rubbed on my chest, as I felt her entire body freeze as my finger tips rubbed her stomach slowly. "I miss, you" I said between the kisses. 

"I miss you too" 

She wrapped her arms around me, and kissed deeper, I smiled pulling her body against mine, feeling her small body against mine, I put my forehead on hers, as I saw he eyes go cross eyed. 

"wanna come over later? Payton misses you" 


"unless you don't want to" 

"no I do" 

She took my hand and walked to the door of the class as we both stopped and let go. I looked at her as she looked back, it was time to be Joseph and Guinn again, a jock and a nerd. I sat beside her this time though, and my friend.

"so are you cutting all your hair?" 

"yeah, you can't really have really long hair in the marines" 

I looked at Libby as she made a weird face, I said what to her, she laughed lightly, then gave me a serious look. 

"you'd look weird with short hair" 

I glared at her "you'd look weird with short hair too" 

She smiled, because her and I know she had short hair before and she looked just as beautiful as she does now, she just hasn't seen my hair short.

The bell rang for lunch as she went to go find her friends in the lunch room, I was eating my food as I looked up and saw her laughing with her friends, and her sister Hannah. I was exhausted, I still didn't sleep much. When I did I took sleeping pills, and they didn't wear off until after school. I heard them talking about her birthday, and a sleep over. That's the day I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. The weekend of her birthday. I just hoped her friends at her house didn't ruin my plan. 

The End

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