Libby (Pov)Mature

After a while of warming up next to Steven on a brown leather couch, I took out my sketch pad and began to doodle. Steven sort of just watched his surroundings. He searched around, swimming in his thoughts. It was surreal being outside with him. I wasn't being hidden. But no one we knew was here. But that was okay, I knew that when school started up again he'd probably hide his feelings for the sake of his rep. But I didn't really mind. maybe it would hit me eventually, but right at this moment, with his arm around me, keeping me warm, I didn't care at all. We were one hundred percent in the moment. Thoughts of the future were in the future. I would think upon them later.

Steven eventually came back to the present and wrapped his arms around me tighter,"What are you drawing?" I showed him my sketch of a mermaid similar to the one on my Starbucks cup, but in my opinion, yes cocky, but maybe a little better. He smiled at the drawing and kissed my forehead," I like it."

I giggled and leaned into him and put my feet up on the couch, reclining. My drawing will become obsession soon. I will not be able to stop in 3...2...1... Hours seemed to fly by, the drawing of the mermaid was almost done. It had every possible detail; like the cover of the great Gatsby, the book I had been reading for English class. When I read something the style rubs off on me. The mermaid was surrounded my fifties knotting in the shape of waves. I yawned a looked up, it felt like my soul moved from my head and hand back where it normally was, above me. Floating around, staying out of my body so that the sensitivities don't hurt so much, the irritations are ignorable, and my child inside stays young. 

I breathed; since my soul was previously completely in my body breathing felt like a drug. I looked up at Steven and he smiled at me softly and took a bite out of his cookie. I opened my mouth and he fed me. I took a small bite and made a Mmm sound without realizing. He laughed and poked my nose. I scrunched my face at him and giggled. He always brought out my child inside. I put away my sketch pad and stood up, my legs were automatically cold again. I pulled at him and we began to put out coats back on. The warmth was back in my arms, but these damn jeans weren't doing their job. 

when we walked out Steven held my hand. my hands were miniaturized by his, I skipped a little to the door. We walked back to the car. He opened the door for me. I don't know why this thought came to mind... A reoccurring memory from my previous comment perhaps. I wanted to feel sexy... I didn't want to be cute. I had a momentary naughty thought and then my new obsession came into play. I wanted to be bad. He had no clue what was coming when he opened his door.

He climbed into the front seat and rubbed his arms, his breath looked like dragon breath. His lips slightly opened and shuddering, I eyed him like prey... Everything he did made me crave him... I rubbed my hand up his leg. He stopped shivering and froze. He looked at my hand moving up and down slowly. He pushed me and looked at me,"What are you doing?" I smiled at him evily,"Nothing..." I lied. I knew exactly what I was doing...

I kissed him and rubbed my hand into his jacket onto his chest. He held my face and kissed me. I could feel his resistance fading. I pulled his hand into my coat and he groped my chest as we kissed. My wetness ached. Hungry, starving for him. My thigh twitched... But then Steven stopped me and held my face in his hands,"Wait..." He said.

I looked into his eyes drunk from his tongue against mine,"What?"

"We should sit in the back."

Without hesitation I took off my coat and Steven started the truck and turned on the heater. He then watched my taking off my scarf, he saw how my curves flexed upward as I lifted my arms over my head. He stopped my before I could put my arms down and touched my ribs and stomach. He then began to rub my muscles a little rougher and kissed me again,"Babe.." I said,"Backseat."


I climbed into the backseat and he followed. He lay back on his side and lifted his legs onto the seat as I crawled on top of him. allowing my curves to blend into his body, I moved away and rubbed my hand over his bulge. I kissed him a little more sloppy and pulled at his shirt. He undid his belt then pulled my face closer to his, kissing my harder. I could feel his enthusiasm pressing into my belly. I rubbed against it with my soft skin. He moaned softly... It was my time to throw away being cute. I felt sexy. 

The End

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