Libby (pov)Mature

I ran outside and looked around, after nearly braking my face... hopefully unnoticed. I realized I wasn't wearing pants, ran back inside and stole a pear of Stevens sweat pants. He was dead asleep again. That boy can sleep. Damn. I left his room and walked down stairs. Found her.

Sydney had passed out on the couch at sometime. Luckily she didn't have marker all over her face. I crawled on her and lay on top of her and laughed quietly. She laughed and looked up at me sleepily,"What are you doing dork?"

I whispered in her ear to make the news as dramatic as possible,"Guess who's not a virgin..."

She pushed me off of her and looked at me with big eyes and her mouth dropped,"WHAT?! Tell me what happened!" She hit my arm and laughed. I looked around the room and saw the party mess everywhere. I felt bad for bubby, he had to clean everything up by himself, I shrugged and mentally volunteered to help him, which means syd and I were going to stay a while. I pulled at her arm,"I'll tell you while we clean and kick stragglers out."

She smiled and followed me around the house as I told her all about it,"Oh my god, Seriously..." I held my hands up to show her how big he was... She flipped out,"AH! Did it hurt?"

"A little for the first few minuets, It wouldn't go in all the way, but I don't know what the hell..." I laughed at my dumb story telling,"But he like..." I talked with my hands in demenstration,"Rubbed me... And anyway I got all turned on, he was speaking foreign language to me, and I got SUUUUPER wet and theeeenn... I mean I don't know, just felt fuckin awesome. He was really good at it. At one moment he was holding my face and moving my hair away, he was going all slow, and I could just feel how much he cared... I don't know sydney, I seriously Love this guy. He isn't just a guy I fucked last night... He's mine... Am I crazy?"

Sydney came up behind me and hugged me and swayed me side to side squishing her cheek against mine in the most gay possible way, I laughed too loudly and the covered my mouth,"Nah Guinny, you're not crazy, I saw how he was looking at you when he found you with Brad and David. He liiiiikes you."

I smiled to myself and kissed her cheek. I felt really cuddly, sex drugged. I cleaned up around the house and woke up strangers passed out in the yard. Then when I was done, Syd passed out again on the couch, she was really tired. The whole week before last night, Syd had been doing her soccer practices. Her being my ride after school, because I'm lazy and haven't gotten around to getting my lisence. I have to stay and watch, which is okay because I love soccer, it's a sport for people with aDD to watch. Which I did have ha.
This also meant I got to see my man after school, shirtless... Tan... Anyway... ha.

I went upstairs to cuddle with my bubby, but he wasn't in his bed. He was on the floor. I crawled onto the ground and touched his face softly. He touched my hand and smiled.

"Good morning bubby."

He giggled softly and closed his eyes and moved his hand onto my waist,"Morning." He rubbed my waist then tugged at my shirt. I climbed onto his back and put all my weight onto my knees so I wouldn't suffocate him. He groaned into the carpet and I put my face next to his cheek, I could feel him smile,"What are you doing white girl?"

I laughed,"Laying on you?" I said as a question because, wasn't it obvious? I sat up and he groaned again,"Comere." I said standing up and pulling on his arm. He went limp, as if he expected me to pull him... Dead weight ass hole. So I did what I thought would get his attention. I slid my black lacies off and onto the floor infront of his face but walked away before he could see, and then lay on the bed under the covers and hid. He quickly climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms around me and my blankey burrito. I felt so warm. Too warm. Ah god. Hot. I pushed him off me," I can't__Breeeeathe!"

He let go of me, only to allow me to breathe. I moved the covers out and he climbed under with me. We lay there looking at each other for a moment. He touched my cheek softly,"Do you think it'll be like this forever?" He asked.

I touched his hand and then kissed his palm softly,"If you don't leave, I wont leave... So yes."

I avoided asking if we were a thing. Official titles meant nothing compared to this moment. I knew what we were. He wasn't pushing me to go home, or to leave before anyone saw us. He stayed in bed with me and held me... Something I had been whining in my diary for months now. I wasn't desperate anymore. I was with someone. Sort of.

I kissed his lips softer than ever before and his got real still. I moved my hands on his pants and looked into his eyes. I don't know why I wanted him so badly, I guess just because I could. Syd was asleep, and I had no curfew... Even though it was Christmas day; my parents said to be home late because we were going to do Christmas at grandmas, it was still morning. I had all the time in the world to touch this boy. This man.

I kissed him again and he kissed me back. His lips were soft, and loose. He wasn't tightening his grip or even barely moving. He let me take control. I rubbed against him with my hand a little harder,"I want you..." I whispered.

He reacted to that very quickly. His eyes were dreamy as he looked down at me and framed my face with those big hands. We kissed softer and he touched my skin with his fingertips. I slid my t shirt off over my head and pulled him closer to me. I climbed onto his lap and he looked up at my face. His face was priceless, he was stricken with a mixture of misty eyes and drunk lips. He was enraptured. I loved it. I drank him in and pressed my lips onto his letting my tongue explore his mouth. He tasted like coffee and cigs, mixed with Peppermint. I rubbed against him on his sweat pants, probably making a mess on them, but he didn't really care. He breathed in my ear and kissed my neck, then touched my breasts with his finger tips.

I moved so he could take off his pants, I let him climb over me because I sorta liked being dominated. But he was even more gentle with me than last night. He was holding me like China glass. He kissed every inch of me and his breath against my skin made all my nerves freeze up. I felt drunk... He rubbed my already wet soft spot and then before I knew it he was going in. He went slow and never broke eye with me. He kissed me and lay his whole body on top of mine. I could feel him all around him. He felt so good and another part of me took over. Passion took over. I basically roared at him to go faster... He plowed into me and hit every deep spot inside that I didn't even know existed. I moaned out of control, I couldn't hold in this pleasure. It just fell out of my lips without my consent. But it drove him wild and got him speaking Italian to me again... Which in turn drove me crazy.

"I averra tu miccio. Mio.. Morr... yes.."

I had no clue what he said... But fuck it was working. I came.

I was out of breath, and I doubted that I could even move if I tried. My pulse was racing through my entire body. Breathing was fast and heavy, but it felt so much more easy than it is normally. He pulled the covers over us and held me after cleaning himself up and disposing of the condom that he had put on so fast I didn't even notice; furthermore forgot to mention he even used one. I fell asleep on his chest and he held me in his strong arms until it was time to go.

Syd eventually woke me up and I left Steven's house with a long soft kiss to remind him of earlier. I sighed the whole way home.

"What are you sighin about girl?" Sydney had asked.

"I'm in love... Damn it."

"I could tell, heard you all the way up there you little slut."

I blushed and sunk into my seat,"Sorry..."

"Don't worry bout it. I left and gave yall some privacy."

I smiled and relaxed again. She was so understanding. unlike my parents. Who would never know of the night they gave me consent to have. Basically. I got a text from Steven. Him calling me beautiful and recalling our night together. I smiled to myself and fell into a sweet haze. I was high now. This boy was like Alcohol and drugs to me. I was sure to be addicted to him before long.

The End

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