Stevens POVMature

I felt the heat on her body.. I kissed down her stomach, and heard her moan soft. I looked up at her, she was feeling weak, I knew it. I pulled her shorts down unzipping the zipper. I touched her underwear as I took her shorts off. Black lace, I rubbed against them slowly. I felt her get a little tense. 

"I never been touched like that before" 

"your okay" 

Her legs got lose as my hand rubbed down her smooth leg slowly. I kissed her knee slowly, then her upper thigh, making my way to her sweet pussy. I heard moans of cuss words flow out of her mouth.. I felt her touch my head as I looked at her for a second. I kissed her stomach again, biting the lace of the underwear soft, letting my teeth drag down her bare skin causing her to get goosebumps again. I felt my hand touch her smooth pussy, she ached for me, I loved it. I felt my finger side into her slowly, she was so tight, but so wet. I was beginning to ach too. The more she moaned in pleasure, the more I felt it get tighter when my tounge touched thr outside. Heat surrounded me. I rubbed my other hand on her leg, allowing myself to give her everything I imagined giving to her. I kissed her leg, as she moaned out my name, I kissed up her stomach, kissing each nipple but moving my tounge slowly. I could tell she liked that. I moved my sweat pants, she touched my boxers as she looked at me surprised "your big Steven" I laughed a little, as she pulled me out,

"what if it hurts" 

"I'll make it all better"

"I'm nervous"


"I never did this before " 

"I know what I'm doing" 

I felt her relax a little. I went in between her legs, and touched her waist with my hands, my whole body was on hers. I knew she was nervous, I was actually kind of nervous myself for once. I wasn't sure why, but I rubbed myself against her, every nerve went away, she breathed in slowly. 

"don't be scared of me" 

She held onto my back, my dick went in slow. She was so tight, she moaned in pleasure, and pain. I felt myself inside.. Her walls surrounded me, as I feltmyself almost making love to her. I heard music from downstairs drown in her moans, it told me to go faster and she sucked my neck, then biting, I grabbed her boob with no excuse but nothing to hold onto, but she seemed to enjoy that. I didn't normally focus on girls having a orgasmbefore me, but I wanted her to. I felt her walls get tighter as she grabbed me aggressively making out with me, allowing herself to cum, I started going slow, as I looked at her, she started cursing again, as I pulled out, she grinned at me.

"bubby didn't cum yet?" she said playfully. 


That moment, she sucked my cock. It felt different than normal, she sucked harder each second. I won't lie, I felt like I was going to exploded as she rubbed her hand on it moving her tounge, the heat of her mouth allowed me to cum all over her mouth as I grabbed her face looking at her. She came to my level, and smiled at me. She knew what she was doing, well for that anyways. I fell on the bed naked, pulling her closer to me. I never laid back in bed with a girl. But this was different. I wrapped her in a blue and red blanket. Kissing her shoulder, she looked at me with those eyes I love. I kissed her slowly, she kissed back making out with me. I pulled away, 

"aren't you used to sleeping on the phone?"

"I could get used to this though."

"I love you"

"I love you, too" 

The next day, we woke up and she jumped out of my bed.

"what?!" I screamed.

"I forgot about Sydney!"

She took her clothes and ran out the door, but came back shortly, my eyes shot back opened.

"merry Christmas" she grinned, kissed me sloppy, and ran outside. 

I watched her from my window, watching her fall and get back up thinking no one saw her, running again.

The End

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