Steven's POVMature

I woke up the next day I was nervous... I was finally gonna talk to her face to face. She was going to know I was Joe.... I texted her.

"Are you ready?"

"sort of haha (:" 

"yeah I'm nervous too."


"what if I'm not who you think I am?" 

"I don't know" 

"okay, I love you..."

"I love you too, see you later" 

With that we hung up, I got in my car. I had so many nerves all day building my insides. Each bell rang and my heart was racing, and it eventually turned into lunch time. The time I to,d her to meet up with me. I walked by the door, and walked away from it about to chicken out, and walked back to it when I got a text "you coming?" I went back to the door and looked around me. I walked in, she was looking at the stuff on the stage, waiting nervously I saw her emotions steering in her also. I went up the steps quietly. 

"Don't turn around" 



She didn't say a word, I went behind her, I held the chocholate in front of her body, with one hand. She grabbed it. 

"can I turn around" 


I put my hand onto her arm, and rubbed down it slowly, watching her breathe in. I felt her hand take my hand as I felt her grab my other hand letting her body touch mine. Her eyes were closed

. "I like you Libby, a lot" 

"I like you too" 

She opened her eyes, and saw my face. She didn't say anything, just stayed there. My heart was racing. I was so nervous she wouldn't like me anymore..

"Joe?" her voice basically cracked. 


"is this a joke?" she said almost pulling away, my grib was to tight.


"then is this another sex dream about you?" 

"excuse me?" 


She got away and sat on the edge of the stage and just sat there. I followed her and there. silence filled the entire air. I coughed, but it didn't phase her at all. 

"why do you go by guinn" 

"everyone made fun of me with my name Libby. Libby makes me feel vulnerable.. Why do you go Joe."

"it's my middle name, no one knows me by Steven but you"


It was quiet and she touched my hand, I looked down at her hand. Her fingers were painted purple because she asked what color she should paint them on the phone when she went to the nail place with her grandma.

"I do like you Libby" 

"I like you" she said biting her lip. 

I looked into her eyes, as she looked into mine. Her blue eyes made my brown eyes feel dark. Like she was looking into my soul. And I was falling. I felt her press into me, and I kissed her cheek, she smiled slightly as I kissed her lips slowly, feeling the pressure on lips she kissed me more wrapping her arms around my neck.. I kissed her lips and felt my tounge on hers. It was driving me crazyalmost like I wanted to rip her clothes off. Mostly because she said she has had a sex dream about me but it was to soon for sex. Plus we were at school, and I enjoyed making out with her, and I pulled away as she looked at me 


"it's okay joe" she smacking my arm. 

I starred into her eyes again as I felt her hand on my chest, I kissed her deep feeling more then I did before, hearing the bell ring. 

"ill um.."

People walked in the room.

"I'll call you later.." I said nervously.

"yeah okay Steven" she said holding my hand.

We both let go as I walked to my locker. I saw her with her friends laughing and talking. I walked by them. She smiled at me, and I couldn't help to wink. 

"what?!" Sydney yelled. 

"did he just wink at me" Aubrey squealed. 

"that was totally to guinn!" Sierra said. 

"psh no it was for Aubrey" Guinn said calmly. 

I got my phone out, as I read the text that said "(; to you too sexy" 

I smiled and replied "keep dreaming of me you nerd (;" 

I read another text, "I will bubby. Forever." 

"Go to a Christmas party with me." I said

"I don't go to partys" 

"go to this one. You won't regret it(:"

The End

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