Steven POV.Mature

"Why not?" was simply all I could say, when she asked me if we could ever be a thing. I did laugh about it, she couldn't see me through the computer screen, which thank god for that because I was really panicking, thinking a mile an hour with thoughts.. 

"Cool.. Cause I like you too. Lol" 

"yeah, but what about Jeremy?"

"I'm talking to him now actually, as we speak, but he's being all dramatic" 

"That's rough"

"yeah, but Christmas is coming up (:"

"yeah, I got you a box of chocholate from the store. But you brought up Jeremy earlier so I kind of threw it with annoyance.. But it still tastes good!"

"why, did you run back to it and pet it and say its okay, mm I like dirt on my chocholate." 

"quit(: it tastes the same it's wrapped in platic and it's Ina little box." 

Decemeber 15th, 2012

I was sitting in class and looked over on the ground and noticed a pair of boots Libby wanted.. I looked up at the board and paid attention in class. I looked around the classroom feeling weird feelings, something I never felt before. The bell rang and I went in the hallway, today was getting creepy. But to make it even worse, my now ex girlfriend appeared before my eyes. "I miss you" she said wrapping her arms around my neck. I was pretty needy for love and attention amd touch, but I wasn't in the mood for this "kiss me" she said holding my neck tighter almost forcing me to, as I looked up and saw Sydney, Guinn, and some dude. 

"Will you leave me alone?" 

"No, Guinn. I love you." 

"You don't love me, we been together like 2 weeks" 

"Come on Guinn" Sydney said pulling her arm into the girls back room.

I looked back at Mackenzie as she was giving me a look..


"why are you looking at other girls who aren't me?"

"those should be the least of your worries" 

"Who those girls? I know" 

"no, actually those girls, are pretty girls. They're naturally pretty, you just wear make up and get tan, oh and other things that make you seem fake" 

I felt her pull me closer "Steven.. I miss you" I closed my eyes and imagined Libby's voice but didn't reply, Libby was the only one who called me Steven, unless Mackenzie wanted to sleep with me. I felt her kiss me, I kissed slightly and came back to reality. And pulled away, she hung on but I let her let go of me and my weight shifted harder the other direction and ran straight into Guinn and Sydney. "Great" I thought to myself.

"Hey joe!" 

"What do you want"

"is Flemings gone?" 


"you know! The fat guy you saw us with, I saw you starring a us! Guinn is hiding from him. He's obsessive." 

I looked around the hall and nodded no and felt someone hide behind my arm and felt another person touch my other one.

"why are you touching me"

"so he won't find me!" Guinn answered.

"I see but why is Sydney!?"

"because we're best friends! We do everything together!" Sydney said. 

"Okay, but let go when you get to your class" 

Sydney let go quicker than Guinn, I forgot she had every class with me, so I was dragging her on my arm. The hall way was empty as I made her let go.

"Flemings doesn't even go to school here. Why is he here? Is this an excuse for you to touch my arm" 

"no?! I swear! He was following me and Syd. He's a creep Joe!"

"I believe you. He was a creep a couple years ago. Go in the class. You'll be late. I'll tell the teacher a story why were both late shell believe it"

She smiles slightly. She had a cute smile, I smiled back a little as soon as she walked in a came in shortly after telling her that a janitor needed help in the hallway. The teacher smiled and nodded at us, and I looke back at Guinn as she smiled again. Maybe this stupid nerd was becoming alright. She wasn't so annoying. I was beginning to enjoy her company. 

I looked down and saw Guinn drawling, 

"watcha drawling?" 

"you'll see" 

"from what I see it's a guy and a girl" 

"yeah, it's some guy I met. He's awesome.. But sometimes I don't think we would ever work, because part of me feels like we have different lives" 

She looked into my eyes and looked down, I watched her hand go with the pencil she smiled. She was cocky with art also, and most people watched many people envied her drawlings but all I could say was "damn" about how cool looked. 

"So what makes you think two different worlds would change things" 

"he's a jock, well he plays sports, I'm not certain which one.. He just seems different. Plus he has a kid, and other things in his life I'm not totally sure he's ready for me"

"Just because he has a baby doesn't mean he's not interested, I mean he could be really into you."

"he told me he was, I know. But I don't wanna bother him, too"

"what do you mean bother him?"

She bit her lip, I starred at her while she wasn't looking at me. She was very beautiful to me, but I stopped myself and looked back at the drawling..

"I bother a lot of people. I'm just there to make people laugh. My family says I am annoying, well they think it. I feel it." 

"I know how that is" 

"you have really big hands" 

"I do?" 

"Yeah... I like them" 

I felt weird and smiled a little but turned around again. Class was almost over, I realized I didn't do anything in class, Guinn put a peice of paper of a drawling on my desk.

"Keep it, you saved me from the other teacher earlier." 

She wrote "Jo Adams" ontop I smiled because she forgot the E in Joe. I turned it into the teacher as she smiled and took the paper. I walked out of class. I got a text, and read a picture that said "I will love you forever more" I saw the hand writing and stopped, and reconized the drawling somewhere. 

"I love you too, I felt like you were with me all day today." 

I ran to my locker and got my books for the night and thought to myself how weird I felt. I felt my phone viberate. 

"really? I miss you" Libby said.

I was getting weird feelings, and I asked her if I could call her, it felt like a year for a reply. 


I called automatically.


"your voice sounds firmilar Libby" 


"yeah it's been eating me alive" 

"weird so what's up"

"just in the hallway, you?"

"yeah waiting for my dad to come get me" 

"yeah he does always come get you really late"

"I'm drawling" 

"big surprise" 

"I miss you Steven" 

"I miss you too" 

I walked outside. And saw Guinn on the phone with someone with a notepad. No one was talking on the phone, Libby was to focused in drawling and I was going to my truck. I waved at Guinn as she smiled up at me from the ground. I put my stuff in the bed of the truck. 

"In my picture today, I feel like I drew your hands to big but I feel like you have big hands" 

I stopped moving, 


"I like big hands its okay" 

"what are you drawling" 

"you'll see" 

I blinked, either it was replaying over and over, or I was going crazy.

"Steven I got those boots I showed you" 

"cool" I said feeling nervous. 

"my dads here. I will call you later" 

We hung up as I stood by my truck, with the  phone to my ear still, I saw Guinn get in her dads truck. If she knew I was Joe, she would never like me...

She was Libby... Libby was Guinn, the nerd who loves art... And I'm Steven.. The jock told me she thought was so annoying on the football team. She will never like me.

The End

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