Steven's POV.Mature

I woke up the next day. I realized I was on the phone still. The sun wasbeating down on me.... 

I hung up the phone quickly, so she wouldn't think it was weird we just slept on the phone. I went down stairs to open the fridge, and got tomato juice out of the fridge. I took out my phone as I read the message from Libby. 

"Where'd you go?"

"Up your butt." I replied. 

"You wish (;" 

I laughed to myself, she was weird. So weird to me, but I liked it so much..

"Hey well, I'm going to art club" she said. 

"Cool, I'll text you later then (-:" 

I started walking to the door as my sister pulled my arm "Steven stop" she said pulling me. 

I tried my best to ignore her, she annoyed the crap out of me everyday. She thought she knew me, but she didn't know it all. We were close, but she was the perfect sister. Mom loved her, and I wished I was as smart, and nice as her. Sure, I has brains, I was popular, but nothing came easy for me. And if it did come easy, then I wouldn't be where I am. The kid who wants to further his education, by the marines, well that was my dream since grade 5. And the fact that I had a kid before marriage, that baby is a blessing to my heart. But I won't admit I have a child to anybody. Because of my Christian background, and it would make me less popular. Not that I care about being popular, I'd like to be nerdy for a day. But that wouldn't happen, no one knew my smarts, and no one knew anything about me, not even my best friend. One person did, Jake and he passed away from suicide when I was in 10th grade..

"What do you Allie?" 

"Where are you going" 

"Football, get off of me" I said pulling away.

I got in my truck, my black truck. I named her Rachel, she was beautiful. I've had her since I was 15 years old. I recently named her Rachel because Jake always admired this girl named Rachel who was a model. She was beautiful, but she wasn't mytaste in woman. That tan skinned girl who was Hawaiian and brown eyes, but I rathered blue eyes or green eyes with Blond hair. I eventually got to school, and got my stuff out of the back. "Adams!" my friend yelled, I looked over to him and ignored him, "did you have another bad day man?" he asked, I walked inside the school as he kept talking. He was annoying, his name was Louie though, we both had dreams to be a marine, and we stuck by each other all the time. Along with another guy, but he was to much of a partier for me. 

We sat at the desks for a school meeting. I took out my phone, as Libby texted me a picture she drew, 

"Look how pretty it is! (;" 

I smiled "it's good" I replied..

"tell me what you like about it!" she basically demanded

"the sunset, it's beautiful, well the colors" 

I put my phone away as the coach walked in, went on a rant about winning tonight. I didn't care. His voice never motivated me, neither did the cheerleaders, onlybaby daughter and God motived me, but I never felt God most of the time, and my daughter never went to my games because my family never went to my games, my mom only bragged about me to her friends and would only go if they went. My dad didn't go either, because he worked nightshift.. My siblings just never bothered.. Normally football players have family there, leaving them to go home with their family's.. But I always went home with a girl, to have sex, to forget my helpless feelings about my family.

I went on the second floor to my school locker to get a study book out of my locker. I saw 5 girls drawling in the hallway, laughing super loud. One had a cute laugh "Guinn stop laughing so loud!" I heard one yell. but in my head, I didn't mind. She took out her phone. 

"Who are you texting Guinn" her friend Sydney asked. 

"no one" she said.

"your online boyfriend?"

I looked over at them as I watched Sydney grab the phone as itflew out of their hands down to my feet. 

"Damn you Syd! He's gonna think I'm a freak!" 

I picked up the phone as she ran over to me and grabbed it from my hands quick. 

"I don't think your a freak Guinn" 

"oh. Right you already did" 

"Your full of yourself, so cocky, so annoying" 

"says the popular jerk" 

I let go of her hand from grabbing phone, she annoyed me so much. But I looked into her blue eyes, and pushed her away from me a little. I was the least cocky person in this school. I wasn't attractive to myself. It was easy to get girls, only because I had my words. But I hated myself, and everything about me. I stayed in the middle of the steps as I heard Sydney say 

"what was that all about?" 

"I don't know he's annoying" 

"that's why you were drooling on him yesterday" 

I smiled to myself, I had a nerd who liked me too.

I got home from football as a little one year old ran to me "daddy daddy!" she screamed, I grabbed her tight as she cuddled into my arm, "I missed you baby Pay" She clutched onto me tight. 

"where's mommy?" I asked.

"I don't know, she dropped me off at nanas." she frowned. 

"it's okay bubby" 

I looked around my room and rocked her close to my body and let her fall asleep. I closed my eyes and dozed off for a minute. I felt someone text 

"hey(:" It was Libby. 

"hey you" I replied. 

"so I have been talking to this guy.. He's cool" 

That very second, I felt jealously steering in my insides, the worse part is..... I haven't even seen her face. 

"Cool? Is he good to you" 

"he makes me happy(:"

I closed my eyes again, trying to get comfortable with a baby in my lap, and jealously filling my insides. 

The End

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