This writing is a metaphor of sunshine.

My touch bathes all, gentle and serene. I caress each blade of grass, each human hair, lovingly, like that of a mother. I shimmer and sparkle as everything is imbued with warmth. I'm separate, yet all together, my reach extends like that of a God, while I have to fight to move through the walls that try to restrain me. Sometimes, I remain hidden, out of sight but always there. Waiting.

At times, if angered, I can blaze and roar, burning with the glaring force of my rage. I touch turns cruel and steadily abuses the land, the skin of the people under me. I slowly suck the very moisture from life. My source controls.

I can be both at once, lover and abuser, friend and enemy, only resting when I sink, slowly, into the calm depths of the awaiting earth.

The End

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