At some point, Nathan wandered away from me. I went for a stroll myself, not really caring where my feet were taking me.

After a few minutes, I decided to try to find my husband-to-be. I wanted to spend some time with him, perhaps to embrace him or share another kiss with him. Perhaps if we tried enough times, that spark we lacked would appear. I had sort of got to a stage where I had resigned myself to my fate.

But when I found him, I once again hated my parents for arranging this engagement.

He was kissing Felicity!

I felt bad but at the same time, I was so absolutely enraged that I reacted by shouting "What are you doing?!"

Fury was probably better than anything else. Inside I was crying.

Felicity looked away. Nathan just looked at Felicity.

My fury gave way to the feeling of my soul. I burst into tears.

Nathan looked at me. "I... I am sorry," he stammered.

Felicity stepped towards me but faltered.

I cried harder, sinking to my knees. "I'm ... so sorry," I sobbed.

"It's not your fault" Nathan said. He wouldn't stop looking at Felicity in pain.

Felicity looked torn.

"I didn't ask for this! I don't even want you! And that just makes everything so much worse!"

Felicity came to me, pulling me into a hug.

"Sister, I'm sorry. I-I won't go near him again. I promise."

I noticed Nathan flinch in the corner of my vision.

"No, you cannot promise that," I exclaimed, aghast. "You love him! Flic, don't you break your heart for me. I won't hear of it, d'you hear me? Go back to him at once and tell him exactly how you feel about him."

"No... it won't change anything," Felicity whispered.

Nathan stepped forwards, his hand reaching out but stopped, yanking it back and looking away.

"I shall leave you two. Go on. Don't resist each other. Hey..." I looked hopeful. "Maybe I'll adore your fiancé and we can do a swap," I said to Felicity.

Felicity flinched. "Father won't hear of it. Neither will Mother."

"Neither will my father and mother," Nathan added.

"Then we shall run away! The three of us! And start a new kingdom, based on fairer principles elsewhere! I absolutely won't come between my sister and the man she loves."

"I don't love him," Felicity whispered. "It's a mere attraction." Nathan looked heart-broken behind her. Felicity began to leave in a hurry.

"No," Nathan snapped, yanking Felicity back to him.

I turned and began to leave swiftly.

"No, Ter-" Her voice is cut out by Nathan's lips coming down on hers.

She struggled before settling into the kiss.

I turned one last time at the doorway before striding off. I was so blinded by my tears that I walked straight into someone's chest. I inhaled the thick scent of aftershave and find myself gazing up into stunning silver eyes.

The End

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