Forbidden TouchMature

 I could help but continue to cry as I ran away. My sister was marrying the man who I believe I could love. I rushed to the music room and ran to the window pushing them wide open. Just in time to watch Nathan kisses Tersa. I choked on my sobs and slumped down beneath the window cradling my chest. I don't know how long I sat there but I new that night fell.

Suddenly a figure stood in the door way. “Felicity?” the voice is a gasp and I recognise it instantly. I turn my face away.

“Leave me, Nathan” I sob cradling my chest even tighter.

“What is the matter? Why are you-” his voice cuts short. “You saw me kiss her. Y-you care?”

“Yes, Nathan” I snap rising clenching the clothing over my heart tightly. “I saw you kiss my sister and why shouldn't you. She is to be your wife after all. You and I” I shake my head. “We cannot be and that's why.... that's why I don't think you should speak to me again”

Nathan stares wide eyed. “Never?” he chokes.

“Yes” I whisper.

“No, Felicity. I-I can't cope with that” Nathan says stepping forward sliding his finger through mine.

“You shouldn't even be saying these things” I say, tearing my tearful eyes from his. I can't cope. Its hurting my heart so so much.

“But I am, El” I freeze at the nickname. “I love you” I turn and look with him with confused eyes. Nathan stares back with eyes so full of love I almost faint. He leans into kiss me and I yank myself away, turning my back.

“No” I choke. “We.... we can't. We shouldn't” I look back at him over my shoulder. I gasp and Nathan moves round me. He takes my face between his hands so much softer and gentler than with my sister. He then slowly lowers his lips to mine hesitating at the point they're barely touching. They brush for a few moment before I put my hands either side of his neck so I can press my lips to his and also pull his to mine. I press my body up to his and I hear the soft moan. Strangely the forbidden hint in the kiss makes it so much more amazing. Adrenalin and hormones shoot round my body.

“What are you doing?” Both me and Nathan look up and are faced with my furious sister.

The End

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