Nathan excused himself from the tour, claiming he'd familiarise himself with it while he was staying here. I personally didn't mind - the tour was a pathetic idea because I didn't actually have any sort of idea what I was meant to be doing with him.

What were my impressions of him?

He seemed nice enough. And his intrigue in my views was ... sort of flattering.

His eyes were to die for - I comforted the appalled, profound part of me by the thought that the eyes were the windows to the soul - but that wasn't enough to form an opinion of him.

I guessed I liked him.

I wondered if I'd ever be required to kiss him...

Probably. After all, once we were married our parents would probably want us to 'further the line'.

Adam wasn't off-putting but I wasn't too keen on dating him.

But ... if I tried to love him, perhaps, my life would be easier? I could still be profound and uphold all my views: I'd just be alleviating the suffering resulting from this forced imperfect match. It might make it easier on him, too. After all, if he was in love with someone else, he'd probably appreciate the distraction.

I disliked my choice of words.

But I wanted to love my own soul mate. What if he suddenly appeared in the Palace and saw me with Nathan?

But then I reminded myself I would still have to marry Nathan, regardless.

So... should I try? For my parents, for him? So that I wasn't totally unhappy and lonely during our lives together?

There seemed to be no helpful answers to my questions...

I thought I'd try. After all, if you never try, you'll never know. Who knew? Nathan could have some secret quality I would find out while we became close which would fit in with all my views and make us not so bad a couple after all. And then it would be much better that I had tried.


I was wandering aimlessly through the halls, lost in my thoughts,  when I spotted Felicity and Nathan trying to sneak around in towels. It was obvious they'd been outside the dome, swimming.

"What are you doing?!" I shouted.

Felicity winced. "Oops."

The End

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