Felicity: AttractionMature


I sat at the fountain singing the words whipped around me as I sang. I watched the water of the fountain sparkle. Yes, we are in the sea and although the palace is in a dome I know its pointless to have a fountain. Its purely for the beauty of its design. I began a new song which I enjoyed to sing.

"Haruka kanata no sora wo terasu
Hikari wo mezashi habataku kedo
Tsumetai ame ga tsubasa wo nurashite
Kyou mo hitori

Sazanami no you ni yurete iru yo
Kokoro no naka no tooi kioku
Ima wa tada toumei na kaze no naka
Shizuka ni nemuritai tsubasa wo daite

Takusareta unmei no yukue sagasu
Hitohira no maichiru hane"

Slowly as I finished I heard clapping and looked up from the waters of the fountain to see Nathan standing at the edge of the courtyard. Why was he here? Shouldn't he be with my sister looking round the castle? "You have a beautiful singing voice" He says walking over. I blush at his comment although the reaction is not necessary. I mean not that I'm boastful but I have been told several times that my singing voice is exceptional.

"Thank you, aren't you meant to be with my sister?" I ask simply. I mean I'm actually happy for his presence here, even though I shouldn't be, but I must be polite and not show more feeling than friendship to him. He is to be wed to my sister after all.

"Hmm" He lent back on his arms allowing his hair to shimmer in the rays of light that now touched it. It was awe inspiring. "I should be but it got boring and the place is just the same as my home back in the South Kingdom..... I don't find places like this so modern that interesting... I like to explore"

Slowly a thought came to me. I stood up and took his hand out of habit. "Follow me" I pulled him to his feet and led him through the gardens to the border of the palace and the dome for this area. I pulled away part of the bush that framed this wall releasing Nathan's hand in the process. As I pulled part of the bush back I revealed an exit and entrance point. "We can get out via here" I say turning round. When I turned round Nathan yanked his hand to behind his back which I swore he'd been staring at.

"Well, you seem in the right attire to go for exploration... care to join me?" He asks smiling.

"I'd love to" I say simply smiling back. This time it was he who took my hand and pulled me through the exit and entrance point of the dome. Although I wonder what Tersa will think when either arrive back with Nathan or get caught like occasionally happens.

(The song in this is called Mikeru's song, its from an anime called Mermaid Melody. This isn't the entire song but its the bit I like the most)

The End

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