Coincidental bump inMature


When I left my sister to deal with the mahem of preparing her image to meet her 'to be groom' I found myself just walking the halls of the palace. They were quite quiet of course since everyone was preparing for the arrival of the southern kingdoms prince. I found myself watching the floor instead of where I was going and collided with a firm figure.

I would have fallen to the floor if the persons hand had not reach out to clasp my wrist. He pulled me to my feet and I looked up to appologize finding myself suddenly unable to speak. The seeming young man looks down at me. His hair is as dark as the deepest pits of the ocean as our his eyes, which are so mind changing.

"I'm sorry, young lady" he says stepping back and bowing. I blink slowly coming back to my senses.

"Who are you?" I whisper.

"Nathan" He says with a smile. He takes my hand and kisses the knuckle. "And what might yours be?"

"Felicity.... Princess Felicity Aqua" I whisper staring at his lips on my hand. He seems to flinch and slowly pulls away. I see a small smile in the corner of his lips as he pulls back.

"I should have realised straight away" He then chooses that moment to walk away.

"Wait, who are you? I've never seen you here before" I call after him.

"You'll find out soon" He calls back.


I stand behind them all. My father, my mother, Tersa and younger brother Elliot. I didn't expect what was next. "Introducing his highness, the Prince of the South Sea, Prince Nathan Opac" I gasp and found myself frozen as I watched him walk in.

The guy I had believed to have beginning feelings for was my sisters arranged fiance....

The End

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