Mermaid PrincessesMature

Lost in the beauty of the Secret Kingdom of the North Sea - inaccessible to humans - I found myself able to escape my thoughts.

But when a knock on my door shattered my reverie, I realised I had to face fact.

I was going to marry someone I didn't love.

I turned and sighed. "How could they do this to us?" I murmured, to my little sister Felicity.

"I know," she said, looking annoyed. "We're only 17 - why should we be pulled into this whole marriage thing?"

I sighed again. "How could they ignore our personalities? I thought they knew us. I thought I always made it clear to them that I would only give my heart to 'the one' and could only ever love someone who I felt understood me. I doubt that South Kingdom Prince doesn't know how special serenity is, let alone profoundness."

Felicity could see that my worries were deeper-rooted than hers. She came over to me and hugged me. "He'll be alright. They wouldn't set us up with guys totally wrong for us."

"I feel so betrayed," I said, ignoring her. "Like our parents have shown they don't care about the way I think. Like they ... think it's strange the way I think. This is all so wrong."

"I know," Felicity murmured. "I know."

The End

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