The Cat

Mino had retired to his room after the battle. He had found the clash between the brothers beautiful. Both of them were clearly very skilled. Mino thought that he had perhaps overestimated his own skills with the sword. Battles were much easier to win when you had a whole army at your disposal, but if the time came when he had to fight someone one-on-one, he would have to rely on his own prowess. He would clearly have to practise very hard to be able to fight as well as Chase.

But at least now he had something at his disposal that he hadn’t earlier.

The talk with Kez (he had tried very hard to learn her full name, but had failed miserably) had been pleasant. She had a very sane and calm personality, and an aura of amiability about her that was undeniable. She lived up to the royal blood running through her veins.

The golden light was not completely in his control as of yet. He would have to practise continuously, but even more important, as Kez had told him, he had to believe in himself.

After a small nap, he went out into the beautiful garden, which was empty at the moment. He concentrated hard and surrounded himself with the golden light. A couple of butterflies drifted to him, unable to keep away from the exquisiteness of the light. Mino felt at peace.

Suddenly, something disturbed his serene aura. It was a black cat, leaping quickly through the garden with elegant steps. It stopped to stare at Mino with its yellow eyes. It growled and then continued on its way, leaping into a bush and disappearing.

The cat had not been ordinary, Mino felt sure of this. If there was one thing he knew, it was the animals. The atmosphere had darkened briskly, just as it had when Dirven Shovin had appeared.

But perhaps he was being paranoid. As Mino walked back to his room, he decided to keep it to himself for the time being. Chase and the princess had enough to worry about.

Besides, what harm could a cat do?

Mino would find it very hard to forgive himself when a day later, his disregarding the cat would almost lead to the loss of a life.



The End

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